Kim Hansen: the laws change when you turn 18…

The Law Offices of Kim W. Hansen – Criminal Defense 714-289-2662 714-744-4079 1700 W. Katella Ave., Suite 200 Orange, CA 92867 Kim W. Hansen, Esq.: A number of years ago, the State Bar put out a little publication called “18 is a Turning Point” and a lot of material I’m going to talk about […]

McMartin Preschool Trial Explained by Kim W. Hansen, Attorney in Orange County

Kim W. Hansen: Well I’m glad to be here. If you would like to see those judges who aren’t happy with their jobs just step aside…nobody makes them be a judge but for some reason, really, they’re supposed to have a happy disposition and unfortunately then we take the brunt of it with our clients […]

Top 20 Ways to Damage Your Criminal Case

Skip bail. Move, but don’t tell anyone. Change telephone numbers, but don’t tell anyone. Talk about your case on Facebook. Talk about your case on jail telephones. Get arrested for something new while your other case pending. Don’t pay your lawyer. Fail a drug test. Lie to your lawyer. Talk to police. Hire the Wrong […]

Criminal Defense Attorney in Orange County with Kim W. Hansen

Kim W. Hansen: Anyway, what I thought I’d do today is maybe just drop some free legal advise, some tips of how you can stay out of trouble and avoid having to call me on a few things. These are some things off the top of my head, some things that have happened. Cases I’ve had […]

Criminal Defense Attorney Orange County with Kim W. Hansen

  What I thought to do today was kind of give a little background over the things, what kind of cases that typically come through my office. These aren’t everything I do but these are some of the more common things that I see and it’ll help you when you’re talking with family and friends […]