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Gift Baskets and Food in Orange County with Cherri Boone of Grand Gourmet

Cherri Boone: Everybody here more or less has ordered a basket from me. And so I have never heard anything negative, but this past week I had a chance to do some really huge baskets. They gave the schools a Keurig coffee maker with all the stuff that I could possibly fit in. These things […]

Source of Recovery with Personal Injury Attorney Don Sjaarda

You are working, driving your employer’s car approaching an intersection.  The light is green. As you enter the intersection you see a blur from your left. Suddenly, a truck crashes broadside into your door. At the scene, the truck driver claims he also had the green light. He was driving a rented U-Haul truck. Afterwards, […]

Credit Card Processing Service Orange County with Chris Trout, Cutting Edge, Bank Services

I was born in Fontana, cause my moms a teacher and that’s where the big Kaiser Hospital was. So, I actually grew up my entire life in LaVerne, 18 straight years. I used to come down to Newport Beach to go surfing and then I learned there was a UC School really close by. So, […]

Repair, Remodeling and Custom Plumbing Services in Orange County with Chris Swenson of Clean Plumbing

Chris Swenson: Okay, so I’ll just go back over the basics. I’ve been in the group nine years, now. Business Growth Innovators Member: Wow. Chris Swenson: Next year’s going to be my tenth year. Business Growth Innovators Member: Wow. That’s great. Chris Swenson: I can’t believe I made it this long, without these guys kicking […]

Localized Treatments for Termites with Terry Singleton,

Terry Singleton: Termites in Orange County are are a really big problem. And I’d like to talk about the termite treatments. The first thing, I’m going to show this one piece here. You can see that it’s heavily damaged. JT will tell you that a lot of his paint jobs start off like this. They […]

What is Vital Coverage in an Auto Policy? with Eric P. Evans, Chrysalis Insurance Company

Eric: Well, good morning, everybody. Some of you brought your homework. Some stuff I brought to you. I did have blanks, and I forgot to take care of the front row here. Business Growth Innovators Member: I have an extra one. Eric: With the blanks. Yeah, bring them up, if you don’t mind. As far […]

Longevity Risk with Ron Budd, Financial Planner, RB & Associates

Ron: Good morning Business Growth Innovators. It’s a little bit of time since I’ve been up here, but I’m glad to be here. The situation out there financially is pretty crazy, as it always has been. We’re in pretty volatile times. A little background on myself was I started my insurance agency in 1996, worked […]

Data Center Services by Zephyr Networks in Orange County with Marc Winger

Marc: We are now offering data center services. Full data center services, which means, in English, which is what I’m going to have to break down to you guys exactly what that means. Yes, please. Is that we… well, I guess maybe we’ll start off with a little bit of history. So when I first moved […]

Termite Terry St. Patrick’s Day Hotel Special

For Termite Terry’s customers –  Have your home fumigated before March 31st, 2014 and receive a free 2 night stay at the Costa Mesa Ramada Inn! Here are just a few of the reasons why you should call “Termite” Terry: Over FOURTEEN YEARS of doing termite inspections on residential and commercial properties. Real estate inspection expert – Over […]

Kathy Ahluwalia of Beach Trends Is Presenting New Advertising Specialties

Kathy: Well, I asked the manager for a few minutes of his time, but he didn’t want to be bothered. He told a less experienced employee to help me. This guy couldn’t answer my questions until I spotted a Samsung notebook, and he said, “Well, the Samsung guys are here today. Let me get you […]

How We Protect Your Mails with Jim Duncan of AIM Mail Center

Jim: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. I really enjoy this industry. And the best part about it, in fact, the oil industry was great, very lucrative. But you deal with the oil well. When you deal with people it’s so much more enjoyable. So much more enjoyable. Now the reason I got this business was I […]

General Contractor Bruce Beinlich, C.R. BEINLICH & SONS presents his specific management in the construction business.

Bruce Beinlich: Beyond that, when I first started in the business many, many, many years ago, when I was going to college and going to high school and shortly thereafter. What I did most of all was finish carpentry. Which would be hanging doors, installing crown molding, baseboard molding, shelving, things of that nature, and I […]

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day in Orange County with Dr. Mary Snyder, Integrated Acupuncture Service

Dr. Snyder: Now, the reason I went to two high schools, just so you know, is that they built Fountain Valley High School and they didn’t have enough kids to go there. So they changed the school boundaries when I became, when I was about 14 years. So, I had to go to Fountain Valley […]

Landscape Designer Orange County by Jesus Arizaga, Arizaga Landscape Design

Jesus: We do everything that is landscape and hardscape. Crystal wants to visit us when we doing a . . . I told her, “That’s not a . . . probably it’s not a very nice day to come to see my work because it’s very dirty.” We’re fixing a koi pond with a leak. […]

Property and Casualty Insurance in Orange County with Eric P. Evans, Chrysalis Insurance Company

Eric: Well, good morning, everybody. My lovely assistant Chris is handing out some envelopes because we’re going to do something a little exciting today, sort of a little put you on the spot. Bring you in. Who has envelope number one? Mark: Is this a one? Eric: That is a one. It’s a Roman numeral […]

Financial Advisor Orange County with Ron Budd, RB & Associates

Financial Planner Orange County Ron Budd: Who here has a pension, three people out of the group? That’s about right. Most of us aren’t going to have pensions? Who even knows what a pension is? Business Growth Innovators Member: Something you get from working for the railroad. Something a lot of people had before 2008. […]

Advertising Specialties Orange County with Kathy Ahluwalia of Beach Trends

Kathy: I’m Kathy Ahluwalia with Beach Trends. I sell promotional gifts or I call them tools to help your business grow. We all know you send out a gift, get the business, perform the service but then what? How do you get repeat business? Well I’ll tell you how. You write a nice thank you […]

Computer Systems and Networking in Orange County with Marc Winger, Zephyr Networks

Marc Winger: Your computer, so that’s an area where we focused a lot of our energies. We have a lot of people out in the field doing that pretty consistently where we’re out there making sure that your interface into this larger network of the rest of the world is safe, secure, and productive. That’s […]

Family Law Attorney in Orange County with Christa M. Hill

Christa M. Hill: And before I was a family law attorney, I actually worked in a plaintiff’s firm in downtown Los Angeles when I was at Loyola Law School. That was, Don, last week, I know he talked about his firm and the plaintiff’s work he does. By doing the plaintiff’s work I did at […]