Top tips for your next event video!

Check out chapter videographer Terry Wall’s latest blog post here!

Dava White – – Network Security & new service offerings via

Dava White – – Network Security & new service offerings via Dava White 22921 Triton Way, Suite 224 Laguna Hills, CA 92653 Phone: 800.884.7559 Fax: 949-544-2901

Kathy Ahluwahlia of about promoting your business with advertising specialties…

Kathy Ahluwahlia talks advertising specialties via her business, Call her if you need memorable gift products to get and keep your name in front of customers! Beach Trends 714-593-1113 Huntington Beach, CA 92646 Kathy: My business is promoting your business. My objective is to make it easy for you and your sales force […]

Sean Sloan of answers questions about online marketing…

Sean Sloan of talks about Online Marketing, SEO and LinkedIn and what it can mean for your business. Check out my website,, for samples of my work or give me a call at 949.722.6119. Sean Sloan: My speech today is going to deal with topics that were presented or people asked me […] – It’s all about making a GREAT first impression!

Jairo Ramirez of Ramirez Mobile Detailing talks about how he got into the business of detailing cars in Orange County, CA and what his team can do for your car, truck, boat, RV camper or plane!

Jairo Ramirez, Jr. – Ramirez Mobile Detailing

Today Jairo Ramirez of Ramirez Mobile Detailing told us about how they are a family business with Jairo, Sr., Jairo Jr. and his uncles that work with them. He reminded us that they are liscened and insured and fully capable of doing commercial work for large fleets of cars, vans or delivery trucks. They make a point […]

Chris Swenson: Your CLEAN Plumber serving Huntington Beach & Orange County

Chris mentioned the importance of online reviews for his business. He strives for excellence so that he can earn your 5 star review on Google or on Yelp where he has 39 five star reviews. Chris has taken his success and invested it back into his company. He has spent $10,000.00 on his truck and tools recently […]

Mark D. Holmes: our Business Attorney based in Irvine, California

Mark D. Holmes, Esq.: The good side of a Buy Sell agreement is that this allows me to refer out to you – CPAs, Payroll Services, Retirement Planners, Insurances brokers (medical and others) any other related services they may need. Teast expensive insurance you can buy is a good contract. They last as long as your business […]

Dava White – Expanding into Private Cloud, Web Hosting

Dava White talks computer networking, data recovery and private cloud computing and much more that offers. Dava White 22921 Triton Way, Suite 224 Laguna Hills, CA 92653 Phone: 800.884.7559 Fax: 949-544-2901

Mark D. Holmes, Esq. – An ounce of legal protection is worth a pound of cure in court

Atty. Mark D. Holmes: Today’s little talk is going to be basically a Ben Franklin talk. You know that famous saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” I am going to be talking to you today about a lot of prevention, but just keep in mind, in the background silently, there […]

Don Sjaarda, Esq. – Personal Injury Case Myths and Rumors BUSTED!

Don knocks down 3 of the biggest myths involving personal injury cases. Good morning, everybody. I’d like to talk to you this morning about myths and rumors in personal injury cases. I hear some of these and I am sure you have heard a few yourself. I have narrowed it down to three that I […]

Three Reasons Why We’ll See Housing Grow through Year-End

So far in 2014 housing sales have been relatively slow. But there are a few reasons why we will likely see sales pick up over the next few months: Jobs and demographics: Recent acceleration in job growth should help propel the 25- to 35-year-olds into homeownership. Easing credit standards: With several Federal agencies focused on […]

Gift Baskets and Food in Orange County with Cherri Boone of Grand Gourmet

Cherri Boone: Everybody here more or less has ordered a basket from me. And so I have never heard anything negative, but this past week I had a chance to do some really huge baskets. They gave the schools a Keurig coffee maker with all the stuff that I could possibly fit in. These things […]

Special Enrollment Periods with Crystal Budd,

Crystal Budd:  I’m here to talk to you a little bit about. I’m going to touch on the health care reform you know that open enrollment is now closed for Hover, California and the Affordable Care Act. However there’s lots of things that are triggers for what they call special enrollment periods. For example, if you […]

Source of Recovery with Personal Injury Attorney Don Sjaarda

You are working, driving your employer’s car approaching an intersection.  The light is green. As you enter the intersection you see a blur from your left. Suddenly, a truck crashes broadside into your door. At the scene, the truck driver claims he also had the green light. He was driving a rented U-Haul truck. Afterwards, […]

Hosted Solutions with Dennis Jenkins of

Dennis Jenkins: Yesterday I said, okay, let me talk to you a little bit more about some of those SIP phones, and some of those hosted solutions. Some of you in the house have hosted solutions. Some of you have key systems. Some of you have PBX’s, some of you have just an analog line and […]

Check Engine Lights & Auto Repair with Val & Mike Schepens, Mike’s Auto Repair

Val Schepens: Yeah. So, I thought what we would do is talk about two things that, actually, we’re trying to promote in our business. I’ve shared that we are a smog repair only station. I’ll talk about that in just a little bit, but importantly, this ‘check engine’ light. He gets how many calls a […]

Repair, Remodeling and Custom Plumbing Services in Orange County with Chris Swenson of Clean Plumbing

Chris Swenson: Okay, so I’ll just go back over the basics. I’ve been in the group nine years, now. Business Growth Innovators Member: Wow. Chris Swenson: Next year’s going to be my tenth year. Business Growth Innovators Member: Wow. That’s great. Chris Swenson: I can’t believe I made it this long, without these guys kicking […]

Localized Treatments for Termites with Terry Singleton,

Terry Singleton: Termites in Orange County are are a really big problem. And I’d like to talk about the termite treatments. The first thing, I’m going to show this one piece here. You can see that it’s heavily damaged. JT will tell you that a lot of his paint jobs start off like this. They […]

What is Vital Coverage in an Auto Policy? with Eric P. Evans, Chrysalis Insurance Company

Eric: Well, good morning, everybody. Some of you brought your homework. Some stuff I brought to you. I did have blanks, and I forgot to take care of the front row here. Business Growth Innovators Member: I have an extra one. Eric: With the blanks. Yeah, bring them up, if you don’t mind. As far […]