Don Sjaarda – Personal Injury Attorney on Hit & Run Drivers

HIT & RUN DRIVERS Why Do You Think Drivers Leave the Scene W/O Exchanging Info? – Is it impairment, denial, confusion – Or fear of the consequences (to them) and – Belief that they can get away with it Only 1 in 10 Hit & Run Drivers are Arrested and Prosecuted Costa Mesa Hit & […]

Don Sjaarda, Esq. – Personal Injury Case Myths and Rumors BUSTED!

Don knocks down 3 of the biggest myths involving personal injury cases. Good morning, everybody. I’d like to talk to you this morning about myths and rumors in personal injury cases. I hear some of these and I am sure you have heard a few yourself. I have narrowed it down to three that I […]

A Dozen Ways to Ruin Your Injury Case

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Personal Injury Attorney Don Sjaarda on Uninsured Motorist Insurance

Hit and Run Coverage: Get As Much As You Can Afford! Imagine you are driving on the 405 freeway and a person in the next lane sideswipes your car, pushes you into the raised barrier and then takes off. A hit and run. Your car is not drivable and you are not able to get […]