Termite Terry Singelton on DIY pest control

“Termite” Terry Singelton on DIY pest control: how you can handle your own pest control needs complete with a detailed pest audit, what tools to use and where to get tools and supplies. “Termite” Terry Singleton 949.378.4128 www.termiteterry.com e-mail@termiteterry.com Yelp listing | Google Places page | Yahoo! Local listing Facebook | Twitter

Terry Singleton of TermiteTerry.com: Protect Your Home Against Pests During the Holidays

Terry: I really appreciate the privilege of being able to get up here and share what our services entail and for those of you when your turn comes up, I hope you take advantage of it. What a great opportunity to spend 10 minutes and be able to tell everyone all about your company. So […]

Termite Fumigations: TermiteTerry.com says there IS a difference…

“Termite” Terry Singleton 949.378.4128 www.termiteterry.com e-mail@termiteterry.com Yelp listing | Google Places page | Yahoo! Local listing Facebook | Twitter “Termite” Terry Singleton, TermiteTerry.com: Today, I would like to talk to you about our termite fumigation. The question that I get quite a lot from our clients is “What separates Termite Terry Pest Control from all […]

Localized Treatments for Termites with Terry Singleton, TermiteTerry.com

Terry Singleton: Termites in Orange County are are a really big problem. And I’d like to talk about the termite treatments. The first thing, I’m going to show this one piece here. You can see that it’s heavily damaged. JT will tell you that a lot of his paint jobs start off like this. They […]

Termite Terry St. Patrick’s Day Hotel Special

For Termite Terry’s customers –  Have your home fumigated before March 31st, 2014 and receive a free 2 night stay at the Costa Mesa Ramada Inn! Here are just a few of the reasons why you should call “Termite” Terry: Over FOURTEEN YEARS of doing termite inspections on residential and commercial properties. Real estate inspection expert – Over […]

Pest Control Services Orange County with Terry Singleton, TermiteTerry.com

Are coyotes attacking your communities? Termite Terry: In Orange County, it is common to hear stories about coyotes attacking or killing pets. Coyotes have adapted very well to the southern California suburban areas, and they seem to have lost their fear of humans. They prey on wild animals, pets, and will stalk and attack people as […]

Termite Terry Writes a Book! He’s a Published Author!

Just the latest installment in the never ending adventures of our superhero pest control expert “Termite” Terry Singleton of TermiteTerry.com Pest Control. In his latest undertaking he has written an instructional manual for people interested in getting into the pest control business, specifically those that want to pass their Termite License Exam. Anyone out there […]

Pest Control Services Orange County with Terry Singleton, TermiteTerry

  I’d like to talk about how to keep you home pest free during the holidays. When the weather cools you spend more time indoors and we keep our windows and doors closed because we are trying to keep warm. Unfortunately you’re going to find that a lot of pests are going to want to […]

Termite Inspection Irvine – TermiteTerry.com

Many homes develop leaks around chimneys and the best thing about this is that it’s relatively inexpensive to correct. Another problem that a lot of homes have are the ridge caps right at the top of the roofline. Those are areas where roofs start leaking. Again, you can replace those ridge caps relatively inexpensively; a […]

Pest Control Service Orange County – Termite Terry Pest Control

Termite Terry Singleton gave us a walk through his slide show that details his approach to Pest Control using his 57 Point Inspection which is designed to figure out the root cause of your insect problem and not just spot treat it with too much insecticide where it is not necessarily needed. The ultimate goal, besides […]

Termite Inspector Orange County – Termite Terry of TermiteTerry.com

Termite Terry, our very own Termite and Pest Control Expert, gave a talk about the business of termite inspection, termite fumigation and what to look for when choosing a company that does that type of work. His talk included a large amount of very revealing photographs comparing the job done by his company versus some […]

Termite Inspection Orange County – TermiteTerry.com

Termite Terry offers the most thorough termite inspections possible and with a very good reason: a proper termite inspection can NOT be done in a mere 15 minute “drive by” manner. Termite Terry and his staff take their time to do things right the first time, such as: A house must be carefully measured for […]

Pest Control Orange County – Termite Terry Pest Control’s Free Pest Control Offer!

Termite Terry Pest Control is at it again! Putting their money where their mouth is by offering his FREE Pest Control offer! Terry explains himself in a short video about his FREE Pest Control offer. What Termite Terry is saying… A new way of doing pest control An unbelievable offer for Orange County residents and […]

Lead-based Paint to Increase Renovation Costs: Termite Terry in the O.C. Register!

Termite Terry is in the news again! Teri Sforza of the Orange County Register wrote a huge article for the Sunday, October 3rd edition, and you can find it at the top of the front page in their local news section. Termite Terry is excited about this because he really believes in customer education. His […]

Pest Control Orange County

Termite Terry is offering $160 to $320 in FREE Pest Control when you sign up for a 1 Year Pest Control plan. To find out more click on the link to YOUR city’s page. Pest Control Aliso Viejo Pest Control Anaheim Pest Control Costa Mesa Pest Control Fountain Valley Pest Control Huntington Beach Pest Control […]

Lion Property Management, Fountain Valley, California

Don Deering brings his years of experience as a realtor to bear whenever he manages a property. He knows when a property is priced too low for the prevailing market and when to reduce rents in order to keep a good, steady tenant in a property. In today’s challenging Property Management market Lion Property Management […]

Termite Terry Pest Control Services, Orange County, California

Termite Terry offers termite fumigations, inspections and pest control services from his office in Costa Mesa to all of Orange County, California. New Pest Control Orange County site launched We just launched a great new site for a local pest control company in Orange County, Termite Terry’s Termite and Pest Control. Termite Terry offers Termite […]

Termite Inspections Orange County

First table topper: Dennis Jenkins of Dennis Jenkins Company. Having trouble with your phone equipment? Do you wish you can keep an eye on your store or office from anywhere in the world? Do you wish you could use your bluetooth headset with your office phone? Want to find out more about VOIP technology? Dennis […]

October 2nd Meeting

First Showboater: Terry Singleton of Termite Terry Pest Control. Terry is going to tell us how a $200 investment became over $10,000 in new business! We can’t wait, Terry! Second Showboater: Sally Chiappone of Juice Plus+. Sally told us about a Fox News doctor who gave another unpaid endorsement for Juice Plus, the most directly […]

September 4th Meeting

Quick Announcements: We are no longer meeting at Mile Square Park!!! Starting September 18th, we will meet at Claim Jumper in Fountain Valley. There is no meeting on September 11th, since we will be having a beach party social on Sunday the 14th. Today our first table topper was Kathy De Peri from Harbor Lawn-Mt. […]