Source of Recovery with Personal Injury Attorney Don Sjaarda

You are working, driving your employer’s car approaching an intersection.  The light is green. As you enter the intersection you see a blur from your left. Suddenly, a truck crashes broadside into your door. At the scene, the truck driver claims he also had the green light. He was driving a rented U-Haul truck. Afterwards, […]

Longevity Risk with Ron Budd, Financial Planner, RB & Associates

Ron: Good morning Business Growth Innovators. It’s a little bit of time since I’ve been up here, but I’m glad to be here. The situation out there financially is pretty crazy, as it always has been. We’re in pretty volatile times. A little background on myself was I started my insurance agency in 1996, worked […]

Carpet Cleaning & the New Ozone Treatment Technology with Pat Roque, Pat’s Custom Carpet, Orange County

Pat: Ron asked me, “How long have you been in business?” I said, “32 years.” And he goes, “32 years?” And I go, “Yeah.” And he goes, “Well, your parents must have gotten arrested for child labor,” because I was six years old when I got started. But anyways, yes, I do carpet, upholstery, I also do wood floors. We […]

Employment Law explained by Mark D. Holmes,, Orange County

Mark: How often do you get paid $40 to stand up and talk? Thanks so much for everybody in the group who’s been helping me out on the Thomas house thing. It means a lot to me, as I think most of you now know. I’m here to talk today about employment law. I put […]

How We Protect Your Mails with Jim Duncan of AIM Mail Center

Jim: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. I really enjoy this industry. And the best part about it, in fact, the oil industry was great, very lucrative. But you deal with the oil well. When you deal with people it’s so much more enjoyable. So much more enjoyable. Now the reason I got this business was I […]

Jean Tietgen of Evergreen Realty talks about pricing in the Real Estate Business in Orange County

Jean Tietgen: Well, first of all I was a small town girl from South Carolina, and I lived there in a very small town and neighborhood of the cotton mills and that’s where both of my parents worked. So they’re are actually even no paved roads my house, it was all gravel. When my cousins down […]

General Contractor Bruce Beinlich, C.R. BEINLICH & SONS presents his specific management in the construction business.

Bruce Beinlich: Beyond that, when I first started in the business many, many, many years ago, when I was going to college and going to high school and shortly thereafter. What I did most of all was finish carpentry. Which would be hanging doors, installing crown molding, baseboard molding, shelving, things of that nature, and I […]

Financial Advisor Orange County with Ron Budd, RB & Associates

Financial Planner Orange County Ron Budd: Who here has a pension, three people out of the group? That’s about right. Most of us aren’t going to have pensions? Who even knows what a pension is? Business Growth Innovators Member: Something you get from working for the railroad. Something a lot of people had before 2008. […]

Business Attorney Orange County with Mark D. Holmes,

Mark: Hi. My name is Mark Holmes; I’m the group Business Attorney. I’m going to talk to you about contracts today. Why am I going to talk to you about contracts today? Contracts are an integral part of your business. Everybody out here who has their own business is very good at what they do. […]

Carpet Cleaning & Flood Restoration Orange County with Pat Roque, Pat’s Custom Carpet

Pat: I just want to thank one person here, Sally; she did a really good job. Look at your little tip pamphlet here. Sally did that and it’s really good. Thank you, Sally. I really describes my business. One of the things that’s on the pamphlet in the back, it describes a new chemical that […]

Estate Planning Attorney Orange County with Jon K. Alban of Alban Law Firm

Below is a scenario that relates common experiences many people encounter when looking for a Wills, Trusts and Probate Attorney. CLIENT: I was just at another law office nearby and completed my estate plan for only $999. What would you charge for an estate plan? ATTORNEY: Well, that depends. CLIENT: What do you mean? Aren’t […]

Business Attorney Orange County with Mark D. Holmes of

Most people wonder why I dress the way I do and behave the way I do. It’s because if you look at my background, right, I need a break from my background. I’ll give you a little example. I went to college. I started out as a chemistry major and found that just abominably boring. […]

Packing & Shipping Orange County with Jim Duncan of AIM Mail Center

Jim Duncan: Anyway, like she said I started this 22 years ago. And the one in Costa Mesa I planned on flipping because she bought it and it was really suppressed from the people who were running it. It was a great area. And who would have known what happened in 2008? So I still have […]

General Contractor Orange County with Bruce Beinlich of C.R. BEINLICH & SONS CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION

Bruce: There is a photo circulating with Mr. Guy Ballard doing a little demolition in the kitchen. Most of these are before-and- afters. If you see this one, Guy’s in there busting up the tile in the kitchen the weekend before we actually got in there. He’s trying to take credit for it. Business Growth […]

Realtor in Huntington Beach with Jean Tietgen of Evergreen Realty

Jean: I wasn’t here last week, and I appreciate Berc taking my speaking time, but I had an opportunity to host my high school friend who had never been to California for the very first time she came out to visit. And talk about happy hour, I think we hit everyone. But what brought up […]

Business Attorney in Orange County with Mark D. Holmes,

What I do, as you probably know, maybe if I can give you a little background. What I do is I talk to people about their businesses and I come from basically a background that’s pretty diverse. I started out as a chemistry major in college. Then I switched over to drama, which was really […]

Financial Advisor in Orange County with Ron Budd of RB & Associates

I started my business and got into the insurance business 22 years ago. But about 13 years ago through what I thought was conventional wisdom and our retirement money, I got into variable products, the market. When the market crashed in 2000, 2001 we lost most of it. At that time I had a lot […]

Can you Drive Legally Without Auto Insurance?

I’m here to tell you this morning that you don’t have to buy car insurance. Don’t faint, it’s, Okay. You can drive your car legally in California without having car insurance. But, you still have to comply with the financial responsibility laws. You can do that by going up to the DMV, and writing out […]

Estate Planning Attorney in Orange County with Jon K. Alban, Alban Law Firm

I’ve spoken to you on numerous occasions about what I do, estate planning, trusts and probates, and today I brought some friends I met on my last cruise to help visualize the 3 most common reasons people come to do estate planning with me: the Probate Penguin, the Tax Turtle and the Fish Family, and […]

Packing & Shipping in Orange County with Jim Duncan, AIM Mail Center

Good morning everybody. I was thinking about talking about the things I want to talk about, but for Mike, Dennis, and Don who’ve all been here much longer than I have, after 40 talks or so, what else can you say? So I want to talk about a couple of things. First of all, my […]