Yelp Tutorials for Business Owners

These came straight from Yelp themselves! If you’ll recall I was contacted by Ahmad Abbassy of Yelp a little while back. He was reaching out to our group for feedback and to offer his help. This is the first iteration of that, these explainers and tutorials. His contact info is included as well. Below you’ll find […]

Facebook: How to Switch Between Personal and Business Profiles

How do I invite friends to like my our Facebook Page?

First of all you must be set up as an Admin on our group Facebook page. Email, or to be added. To invite your friends to like your Page, you must be using Facebook as yourself and not as your Page. If you’re currently using Facebook as your Page: Click in the […]

Local Business Growth Innovators groups

Pacific Coast, CA 18461 Brookhurst Street Fountain Valley, CA 92708 US Description: Mimis Cafe 714-964-2533 William Ormond 949-752-6860 Wednesdays, 07:01:00 AM – 08:31:00 AM Costa Mesa, CA 3350 Avenue of the Arts Costa Mesa, CA 92626 US Description: Wyndam Hotel Aaron Benes 949-475-5555 Tuesdays, 07:01:00 AM – 08:31:00 AM Huntington Beach, CA 16782 […]

Social Sharing is Business Networking, It is…

As I mentioned in the last meeting, here is a little tutorial about how to socially share a blog post on the Business Growth Innovators site. Each person can start by sharing their own stories, in this case Dennis and Andy, but any given group member how uses either of these gentlemen and their services […]

13 Hot Facebook Marketing Tips from the Top Pros…

We highly recommend the Social Media Examiner and the coverage they give to all things social and how they can help your business. Michael Stelzner also runs webinars and seems to be a local person. Below is a small bit from the latest edition of his Newsletter. If you’re in to social media its worth […]

Tips & Tricks for Google +

I found this article which seems to have a basic overview of what Google + is and how it can be used. I hope this helps you out there. If anyone still hasn’t received an invitation to Google + and would like one just shoot me an email at and I’ll send it out […]

7 Tips to Make Your Facebook Page Stand Out

“…You can’t buy attention anymore. It used to be “pay to play” now it’s “play to play”. You have to interact and engage with your audience.” Read the entire article here:

Claiming Your Google Maps Listing

This is the first installment of what will be an ongoing series of posts by both Marc Winger and myself about the nuts and bolts of using Social Media to help your business. Check back frequently as there will be more posts added to this topic AND the individual posts/instructions may change based on changes […]