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Why Do You Think Drivers Leave the Scene W/O Exchanging Info?

– Is it impairment, denial, confusion
– Or fear of the consequences (to them) and
– Belief that they can get away with it

Only 1 in 10 Hit & Run Drivers are Arrested and Prosecuted

Costa Mesa Hit & Run:
Client stopped for a red light, at night, rammed into by another car – pushed the trunk to the rear seat and shattered the rear window. Other driver backed up and drove away. Called 911 and police arrived on the scene, took a report, located the other driver, contacted her and arrested her for DUI and Hit & Run. How were they able to do this? They found the front license plate of her vehicle lying in the street!

Here is the Scope of the Problem:

– LAPD: 20,000 Hit & Run Incidents Every Year in Los Angeles
– Last Year 144 Cases of Severe Injury and 27 Fatalities

Hit & Run Crashes can Happen Anywhere.

Most at Risk For Injuries: Pedestrians, Bicyclists, and Motorcyclists

Penalties: Criminal – Misdemeanor or Felony
Civil – Damages Claim; Lawsuit; Judgment

If You Witness a Hit & Run Call 911 to Alert the Authorities
Don’t Try to Chase Down the Other Driver

Huntington Beach Hit & Run:
Drunk Driver Rear-ended my client and forced her car over a curb and through a block wall. A bicyclist followed him and watched him go into a residential neighborhood and change a flat tire from the crash. Called 911 and led police to him.

What If You Are Hit By a Driver That Leaves the Scene?
– Call 911
– Get Prompt Medical Attention
– Get Legal Representation
– If you locate the Other Driver, Make a Claim Against the Other Driver and Insurance Company
– Or Make an Uninsured-Motorist Claim on Your Policy

What to do in order to be best prepared:

  • Swiss Army Knife of Auto Insurance Policy
  • Coverage Applies if There is Contact by Other Vehicle
  • Collect the Same Damages For Injuries You Could Have Collected Against the Other Driver (Up to The Policy Limits You Purchase)
  • Buy the Same Limits for Your U/M as Your Liability Limits

Hit & Run Drivers Cause a Lot of Harm; You Should Always Call 911 if You Are Hit or if you Observe a Hit & Run Crash; You Can Protect Yourself By Carrying High Uninsured-Motorist Limits.

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