Online Reviews for fellow Business Growth Innovatorspers

yelp-logoAs mentioned in yesterday’s meeting, each 5 star review adds approximately 5-7% additional revenue to a business. Let’s support each other in the never-ending goal of “Putting Dollars in Your Pocket!”

 Here is how to join. It takes you about 2 minutes and you can join w/ Facebook  – this takes about 20 seconds or less;

Here are our Business Growth Innovators Yelp Members. Please rate them and help them out. Especially for the businesses that you have used, please review them! Let’s make it a goal that each business has at least 20 Business Growth Innovators members’ reviews on the Yelp pages! That will significantly aid our businesses for the 2nd ½ of 2014! <<< Need to claim your business – Mark <<< Guy Ballard reviewed – Great job Guy! <<< Current address – NOT CLAIMED – Ron/Crystal – DuBose in Irvine is, BTW Scott reviewed – Great job Scott! Only one review. << Needs to be claimed – DON << Jean, your company needs to claim their Yelp listing and complete it! no email for Osana. Anyone? Scott M reviewed – Great job Scott! Val reviewed – GREAT Job Val! Gil – how about a weight loss specific page?

After joining, here is how to add your business to Yelp. Once you do, let me know and the group can help you out. Be sure to add photos & complete your profile;

Let’s grow in 2014! We still have 6 months to do something awesome!

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Sean has a background in music, graphic design and movie production. All of these interests coalesce in his web development skills. Sean grew up around marketing and advertising in the Office Supply business his father started. Sean's areas of expertise are Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing and Video Production.