Carpet Cleaning & the New Ozone Treatment Technology with Pat Roque, Pat’s Custom Carpet, Orange County

Pat: Ron asked me, “How long have you been in business?” I said, “32 years.” And he goes, “32 years?” And I go, “Yeah.” And he goes, “Well, your parents must have gotten arrested for child labor,” because I was six years old when I got started. But anyways, yes, I do carpet, upholstery, I also do wood floors. We […]

Carpet Cleaning & Flood Restoration Orange County with Pat Roque, Pat’s Custom Carpet

Pat: I just want to thank one person here, Sally; she did a really good job. Look at your little tip pamphlet here. Sally did that and it’s really good. Thank you, Sally. I really describes my business. One of the things that’s on the pamphlet in the back, it describes a new chemical that […]

Carpet Cleaning & Flood Restoration in Orange County with Pat Roque, Pat’s Custom Carpet

I do custom carpet and upholstery cleaning, but I also do some other things, tile and grout cleaning, got certified in that last year, wood floor cleaning, we have a wood cleaning machine that cleans wood, a lot of people don’t have that system, it’s a new system that’s out, it actually scrubs the floor […]