McMartin Preschool Trial Explained by Kim W. Hansen, Attorney in Orange County

Kim W. Hansen: Well I’m glad to be here. If you would like to see those judges who aren’t happy with their jobs just step aside…nobody makes them be a judge but for some reason, really, they’re supposed to have a happy disposition and unfortunately then we take the brunt of it with our clients […]

Criminal Defense Attorney in Orange County with Kim W. Hansen

Kim W. Hansen: Anyway, what I thought I’d do today is maybe just drop some free legal advise, some tips of how you can stay out of trouble and avoid having to call me on a few things. These are some things off the top of my head, some things that have happened. Cases I’ve had […]

Criminal Defense Attorney Orange County with Kim W. Hansen

  What I thought to do today was kind of give a little background over the things, what kind of cases that typically come through my office. These aren’t everything I do but these are some of the more common things that I see and it’ll help you when you’re talking with family and friends […]