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Carpet Cleaning Orange County

Pat Roque: There IS a difference in Carpet Cleaners

Woman: I choose… Pat Roque: So anyways what I’m trying to do is get some pictures. Pictures tell the best story. There’s a picture right here about a person we did. It’s an offer right here for your office. Shows each one job that we did and we tried to get the next pictures like…

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Carpet Cleaning Orange County – Pat’s Custom Carpet Care

Pat Roque of Pat’s Custom Carpet Cleaning explained to us the differences between most carpet cleaners and his super-powerful truck mounted system. Pat has hot rodded the Nissan engine on his carpet cleaner to have 10 times the suction and with water temperatures up to 210 degrees his carpet cleaning system emulsifies the dirt and…

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October 2nd Meeting

First Showboater: Terry Singleton of Termite Terry Pest Control. Terry is going to tell us how a $200 investment became over $10,000 in new business! We can’t wait, Terry! Second Showboater: Sally Chiappone of Juice Plus+. Sally told us about a Fox News doctor who gave another unpaid endorsement for Juice Plus, the most directly…

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September 18th Meeting

First table topper: Pat Roque of Pat’s Custom Carpet Care (714)596-5408. Pat brought in a photo of himself in a jet ski race down in San Diego. Oh by the way, he is the World Record holder for the Long Beach to Catalina and Back Race. You know he likes his power – his carpet…

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