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Dentist Huntington Beach

Dr. Mark Z. Yamamoto talks about Dr. Mark Z. Yamamoto talks about his passion for dentistry and learning.

Dr. Mark Z. Yamamoto talks about his passion for dentistry and learning.He teaches dentists! Dr. Mark Z. Yamamoto, DDS, MAGD 714-847-9900 Dr. Yamamoto: Usually I churn a lot of technical things but I’ve found, number one, sometimes it’s too technical for the group and they don’t enjoy it and they lose it. And…

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Dr. Mark Yamamoto: our TMJ Expert Dentist

Dr. Yamamoto: Good morning. I talked a lot about TMJ in the past. So I thought this morning I would just talk about one technical issue and that is the electric hand piece. They’ve been around for a while, but they’ve gotten better and better. I thought you might want to see what’s going on…

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Dr. Mark Z. Yamamoto – TMJ Treatment that helps bone regrowth

714-847-9900 Dr. Mark Z. Yamamoto, DDS MAGD: I put together just quick items to show you, to illustrate what Termite Terry said with this kind introduction. Something that one of my newer pieces of equipment that I have acquired, it’s an electric hand … wait a minute. Male voice 2: How fast does…

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Effects of Thumbsucking – Dr. Mark Yamamoto, DDS

Dr. Mark Yamamoto, our dentist and expert in TMJ who is based in Huntington Beach but serves all of Orange County, California, related how much damage the effects of thumbsucking can cause, even life-long dental problems. We saw slides of the face of one young woman in her 20’s who exhibited a noticeable swelling on…

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Anterior Open Bite Correction – Dr. Mark Yamamoto

Dr. Mark Yamamoto, our TMJ expert and dentist located in Huntington Beach but serving all of Orange County, California, gave a talk about Anterior Open Bite. He warned us that thumb sucking can cause an open bite, life long breathing problems and the tongue to press between a gap in the top and bottom teeth…

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Dentist Huntington Beach – Dr. Mark Yamamoto

Dr. Mark Yamamoto was on hand to discuss the latest innovations in dentistry, a profession that he has practiced for over 40 years. He related to us that while dental implants have been the most important technological advance in dentistry new products continue to be introduced. He told us about the new E-Max crowns that…

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