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Phone System’s Expert Dennis Jenkins of answers your VOIP questions

Phone System’s Expert Dennis Jenkins of answers your VOIP questions. Dennis Jenkins 11943 Agnes St. Cerritos CA, 90703 (562) 402-0100 Dennis Jenkins: The last time that I was here doing something other than an intro, I said, “What do you guys talk about a little bit?” And so I heard things like,…

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Hosted Solutions with Dennis Jenkins of

Dennis Jenkins: Yesterday I said, okay, let me talk to you a little bit more about some of those SIP phones, and some of those hosted solutions. Some of you in the house have hosted solutions. Some of you have key systems. Some of you have PBX’s, some of you have just an analog line and…

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Panasonic Phone Systems in Orange County with Dennis Jenkins

I am involved in the telecommunications industry. What that really does is how businesses communicate. It is how you get things done. I was thinking about something last night. I was thinking about the word “thanks.” Now if you write “thanks,” you’ve communicated something. You can say “Thanks.” (surly) or “Thanks!” (cheery) When you write…

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VOIP Phone Systems Orange County, CA –

Dennis Jenkins, our VOIP Phone System Expert based in Cerritos but serving all of Orange County & Los Angeles, California, talked to us about what he has been what he has to offer in modern, full-featured phone systems. He showed us a ruggedized cell phone handset that can not only withstand being dropped from waist…

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