Chris Swenson: Your CLEAN Plumber serving Huntington Beach & Orange County

Plumber Orange County - Chris Swenson of Clean Plumbing in Huntington Beach

Plumber Orange County – Chris Swenson of Clean Plumbing in Huntington Beach

Chris mentioned the importance of online reviews for his business. He strives for excellence so that he can earn your 5 star review on Google or on Yelp where he has 39 five star reviews.

Chris has taken his success and invested it back into his company. He has spent $10,000.00 on his truck and tools recently and $4,000.00 in parts. In a time-based business such as his he wants to have the exact part he needs to do your repair on hand so that he can get through your call quickly, cleanly and efficiently.

He sees it time and again, some from first hand experience: the big companies just don’t care! They won’t or don’t buy the tools their techicians need and as a result it takes their guys twice as long to complete the task.

Chris makes a point of treating your house as his own, he get’s in and out fast and let’s you get on with your day. When he’s working he’s like an ant, his hands always full of tools and parts.

Water heaters deserve special attention these days: California is again only state in US to require all new water heaters to meat new, stricter environmental standards. The law is changing next January so you still have a chance to get one of the old models. The new water heaters are much more complex and have electronic brains on board so they break easier and replacing  them becomes a once every two year job.

In terms of what faucets and toilets to by: stay away from Pegasus and Glacier Bay, most plumbers won’t fix these as replacement parts are hard to find. Instead stick with the bigger, more established and higher quality brands like Kohler, Moen, Price Fister and Todos, the high end toilet manufacturer.

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