Plumbing Orange County & TMJ Dentist Orange County

Thanks to: Marc Winger, Zephyr Networks; Jim Duncan, AIM Mail Center; And Val Schepens, Mike’s Auto Service, for bringing in our guests this week, an estate planning attorney, esthetician, and small business bank.

First table topper: Penny Lambright, Clutter Cleaners. Penny has been in the organization and cleaning business for ten years, and joing Le Tip from the beginning. She teaches organization at no charge to nonprofits, so let her know if you know of any groups that are looking for Presenters. She is also teaching two classes at CSUF this Saturday. Call her at 949-717-9176.

Second table topper: Sean Sloan, Sean Sloan Production. Search engine optimization (SEO) – you’ve heard of it, you’ve been getting spam and maybe even phone calls. It is a method of making sure your website is ranked high on search engine results. Be wary of the promises you hear. True SEO should be ongoing, not a one time thing, because the search engines are constantly revising how they rank websites. It’s like a healthy diet. Sean can be your personal trainer except he does the diet and exercise for you. Call him today at 949-722-6119.

First Presenter: Chris Swenson, Clean Plumbing. Chris has a family tradition of plumbing. His first job was cleaning his dad’s truck at nine years old. After working some non-plumbing jobs for a couple of years, Chris started plumbing at 16. He worked for 6 or 7 companies around the US before coming back to California and hooking up with his brother, who is also a plumber. With over 300,000 plumbers in CA, how do you choose the right one? Chris does everything himself and doesn’t send apprentices out to hit sales goals. He does the job and quickly and efficiently as possible, and has experience from large commercial buildings to small apartments He can do anything with water, sewer, or gas. Give him a call today, or save his number in your cell phone, he is available 24 hours a day! 714-402-7079

Second Presenter: Dr. Mark Yamamoto. Dr. Mark teaches every Friday at USC Dental School, and can sometimes be a little too technical for our group, so he was kind enough to provide a general presentation today. Prevention is basic for all patients and is stressed at his office. Flossing, brushing, mouthwash and sometimes home fluoride are essential for a healthy mouth. Cavities don’t heal themselves so you need to see your dentist regularly. Especially since dentists find cavities when they’re small and easy to fix. They also screen for oral cancer. Tip of the day: wrap floss around your middle fingers and use your index fingers to guide and make a “U” to clean each tooth. Call Dr. Mark today at 714-847-9900 and get your regular exam!