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Kathy Ahluwahlia of about promoting your business with advertising specialties…

Promtional Items or Advertising Specialties - Kathy Ahluwahlia

Promtional Items or Advertising Specialties – Kathy Ahluwahlia

Kathy Ahluwahlia talks advertising specialties via her business, Call her if you need memorable gift products to get and keep your name in front of customers!

Beach Trends
Huntington Beach, CA 92646

Kathy: My business is promoting your business. My objective is to make it easy for you and your sales force to get the client and make the sale. Did everyone get a flashlight?

Group: Yes, thank you.

Kathy: I want everyone here today to take home a flashlight so that you don’t get caught in the dark. I want you to shine the light on quality, service, and loyalty. You’ll get a quality product from Beach Trends that will keep your customers coming back. You’ll get great service because there’s an actual person to talk to that can help you decide whether you need a hoodie or a t-shirt, dry fit or cotton. We’re reasonable, we’re affordable, and lots of times, we’re beating the internet prices.

And shine the light on loyalty. Start with your young customers. They like stylist pens, wristbands and koozies. My koozies are the best. They are made of wetsuit material and will keep their beers and Cokes cold. You will have loyal customers for life. No one wants to give away a gift that customers don’t like, so sticking to my theme, “Shine the light,” I went to get Bruce Beinrick a flashlight.

It was just before Christmas and he said I gave him one two weeks ago and he pulls it out of his pocket. Well, this is a product that works and customers like. We all try to get that. Bruce also said that he’d been going to school functions and the other parents didn’t know he was a contractor and this was for years. Bruce should and could carry a pen, and when the parent takes out their iPhone, show the little stylus and how it works on a pen with his logo and his phone number and what he does. And the whole school would know what he does, and he would get a quote, be able to quote, when they need a contractor.

I talk a lot about pens, but as a waitress told me the other day, pens are like gold around here. We just never have enough. Other things that go with stylus pens are lens cloths and power banks that charge your phones on the go. And I’m constantly working on my website, about ten years ago.

If you want to search for your business on it, your business category, several items will pop up like a doughnut box with your logo on it for meetings, a fly swatter for Termite Terry Pest Control, a key chain for Val & Mike’s Auto Repair among other things, and for Law Offices of Mark D. Holmes, maybe a Parker Pen or a leather business card holder. And amortization schedule for real estate agents and mortgage brokers alike like Gene Teaching and Kathleen Cramer.

And remember to shine the light on quality products like Beach Trends. You’ll have quality customers for life. Thank you. Are there any questions? Yes.

Man 1: You mentioned the stylus pens. What are, like I dunno, 300 of those things cost?

Kathy: Three hundred of these, Scott could tell you to the penny. But under $200 and you’ll get 300 new customers.

Man 1: Under $200?

Kathy: Yes. That’s 300 times you can pass out your name and logo. Any other questions? Val?

Val: How do I know [inaudible 00:03:54] the way I want it?

Kathy: Well, before we go to press or print your gift, we give you a proof and you sign off on it. This is…

Man 2: Amazing. Amazing logo.

Kathy: …Eric’s proof, and this is the finished product. As you can tell, they’re pretty darn good.

Man 2: Pretty amazing.

Kathy: Any other questions?

Woman 1: [inaudible 00:00:04:19]

Kathy: The sticky notes I can get as low as 30, 40 cents for 500. And you can get them in four colors.

Woman 1: Okay. So it’s 500 the least amount you have to get?

Kathy: Yes. And one more thing, when you’re doing a trade show, it’s really nice to collect everybody’s business card and bring a door prize. It’s a cheap way to do a trade show and not spend thousands and thousands of dollars. So I brought a door prize today. I brought an iPad notebook holder, a cup, and a little golf item and a stress ball. So thank you very much.

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