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Plumber Orange County - Chris Swenson of Clean Plumbing in Huntington Beach

Plumber Orange County - Chris Swenson of Clean Plumbing in Huntington Beach

Chris Swenson has 20 years of experience in all manner of plumbing. He strives to provide a very high level of customer service and if he is going to be late he will call to inform the client.

Chris has been branching out in to mold removal because it is so closely linked to plumbing leaks in houses. He can test the air in your house for mold or test a new house or apartment before you buy or rent. Mold is closely linked to many health issues and internal air quality is an increasing concern for home owners. If you need mold remediation don’t hesitate to call Chris because he is trained to find and fix the source of your mold problem.

Chris prides himself in buying and maintaining the very best drain cleaning equipment on the market. He has over $7,000.00 invested in it. Other plumbers make it easy on themselves by clipping off the cutters from the end of their drain cleaner’s cable which allows them to just punch a hole in the clog restoring partial flow and insuring that they will be called out again and again.

If Chris does need to open a wall in order to get at a leak or pipe he is careful to cut to the studs so that the drywall can be cleanly and simply replaced.

Chris said told us that his service area for plumbing is from Apple Valley in the East to San Diego in the South and all of Orange and Los Angeles Counties.

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