Terry Singleton of TermiteTerry.com: Protect Your Home Against Pests During the Holidays

Pest Control Service by Termite Terry Singleton - TermiteTerry.com

Pest Control Service by Termite Terry Singleton – TermiteTerry.com

Terry: I really appreciate the privilege of being able to get up here and share what our services entail and for those of you when your turn comes up, I hope you take advantage of it. What a great opportunity to spend 10 minutes and be able to tell everyone all about your company. So this morning I’d like to talk to you about everything you need to help keep your home pest free during the holidays.

Man: Don’t invite your in-laws

Terry: That’s right. When the weather cools down, most of us will spend more time indoors. During the winter, we keep our doors and windows closed to try and stay warm. Unfortunately, you’ll find that many different pests are going to want to join you indoors because they are looking for food and they want to stay warm too.

And here are 10 things you can do to help keep your home pest free this winter. The first thing you need to do is guard against importing new pests from other places. Check your materials for hitchhiking bugs when you bring them into the house.

For one thing, check luggage, especially from in-laws. You want to check clothing. You buy new items; maybe you shop at a thrift store. Be very careful and maybe have it professionally laundered first.

You want to check your groceries. You never know what can come in with them. Remember my story from a couple weeks ago where this person had pancake mix all full of beetles.

Man: Ah, I just ate a pancake.

Terry: You want to be careful about that some of the markets have some old stuff in there. And another thing you want to do is keep an eye on nursery stock. You buy a new plant from Home Depot, it looks all nice, it may have an ant farm included at no extra charge.

Man: A bonus.

Terry: Next thing you really want to do is go around your home, maybe have Jesus Arizad [SP] to help you, trim the trees, bushes and vines away from your home to discourage insect and rodent passage.

This is a classic example. See how the tree is overgrown. All sorts of insects as well as rats, opossums, raccoons can climb up the house, tear the shingles off, and cause a lot of damage.

Another thing you want to do is remove plants that attract pests because of their fruit nectar. I was just out yesterday doing a home in Irvine. They’ve got fruit laying on the ground. Of course, they’re complaining of rats in their attic keeping them awake at night. This is part of the problem. Clean up that stuff, or maybe consider removing the tree.

Another thing you want to keep an eye on are plants that have honeydew producing insects such as aphids because those are very attractive to ants. Quite frequently, we’ll find a set of plants next to a house full of honeydew and of course, it’s like having an ant farm or ant factory right next to your home and then people wonder why they got them in their kitchen.

This is a good example of a fruit tree. Keep them trimmed back, pick up all the fruit off the ground or maybe consider removing them.

Another thing you want to do is eliminate tree stumps, leaf piles, boards on the ground, and other favored nest sites outdoors. This provides harborage for all sorts of insects and small animals. This is a photo of John Thomas’ backyard. I still say he needs to clean up.

Man: [inaudible 00:04:12] killed it.

Man: He cleaned it up.

Terry: Another thing you want to do is go around your home and check for big cracks in your walkways and driveways. These are great places for insects to hang out. Maybe talk to Bruce Beinlich about replacing it.

Go outside check where you store your firewood. Make sure it is up off the ground. If you leave it set on the ground, not only is it great harborage for insects and rodents, it’s also a great potential termite problem. Keep it up off the ground. Keep it away from the home. Remember more than half the firewood that you purchase is already infested with termites and beetles.

Go around and check your screens. These are great for keeping all sorts of flying insects as well as birds out of your house. If they’re damaged you need to have them repaired or replaced.

Check your vent screens like here in this sub area. You can see where the guy from the cable TV company knocked the screen out of the way so he could run the wire through. Unfortunately, now this is great passageway for cats, possums, rats, and so on. Keep those screens in good shape.

You want to go outside and check for excessive moisture. Here are some problems you might run into. One would be leaking rain gutters. If they’re in bad shape maybe you want to talk about having them repaired or replaced. Clogged rain gutters, this is another place where I know John Thomas, I know, can help you out. Clean those rain gutters out. One of these days it’s going to rain in California again, trust me.

And then leaking faucets. Your faucets are leaking, you’re wasting water, also creating a great habitat for insects. Call Chris Swenson [SP] and have him take care of that for you.

Another thing you want to do is make sure you have good ventilation in your attics. Sometimes builders forget to add these things to homes when they’re doing remodels. Maybe the roofer says it’s in the way, throws it away when he replaces a roof. Make sure your attic is well ventilated. It helps keep the attic dry, which will help reduce mold and mildew problems later, reduce a number of insects, and last but not least, it helps keep your home cooler during the summer.

And you want to also check your sub area vents. A lot of homes when you walk around the outside you’ll see the vent screens for the sub area have been kicked in, maybe they’re rusted out, get those replaced. I don’t know how many times I crawl underneath houses and we’ve got cats under there talking to me or I see a raccoon smiling at or whatever. It’s not a good thing. It creates a lot of fleas, not to mention when they die the odors are ghastly.

And last but not least, keep your garbage cans sealed. Put all your trash in nice sturdy containers. Especially with all the problems we’re having with coyotes and raccoons again opossums. Keep these containers clean, it will also reduce the amount of flies that you have around your house.

And question, do you or do you know anyone that needs help? Please call us for an inspection. Remember our inspections are always complimentary. It’s like yesterday when I was out at this home in Irvine. We were out there for two hours inspecting her home trying to determine why they were having a rat problem. And I had to remind the homeowner “Hey, I’ve been out here for two hours, I haven’t charged you a dime, you don’t owe me anything.”

What I was trying to do, I was explaining to him, was earning the right to do business with him. And of course are you buying or selling a home? Our inspections are thorough and our rates are very reasonable and if you are buying a home, we highly recommend that you do this, or have your home inspected before you purchase it. You want to know all about it before you buy. You don’t want surprises.

And because of our inspections we have saved our clients countless tens of thousands of dollars. Lot of people have walked away from homes, I know of some real estate agents aren’t very pleased with me in that regard but I’m sorry. Maybe I suggest you sell a better house next time.

Well, you know what I’m saying, Jean, some real estate agents are so desperate to make a sale, they’ll mark it at anything. Whereas I think the more honest and ethical agents are going to explain hey that this is what you got and I’m not going to misrepresent this property. We’re going to disclose everything. You know the drill.

Woman: [inaudible 00:09:26]

Terry: Oh yeah. So I’d like to remind everyone about our hotel special. Now you’ve heard me mention this before. During the off-season the hotels are having a hard time filling up their rooms so they’ve worked with me and said “Hey you help send us some clients. We’ll offer you a special rate.”

I’m not aware of any other termite company in Orange County that offers anything like this, so share this with your friends and neighbors. You have your house fumigated, we’ll put you up in the Costa Mesa Ramada Inn for two nights. This is a nice place. Two queen sized beds that sleep up to five people. It’s pet friendly so if you’ve got a small dog or cats bring them along. They have a nice lawn out there for you to walk your dog at night.

Room has refrigerator, coffee maker, free Internet, heated pool and hot tub. There you go. Fitness center. Of course, I always say that just almost across the street from Gil Yearly’s, so if you want to swing by and workout and hit the hot tub afterwards, what a weekend. And last but not least, it’s only minutes from the beach.

Great opportunity here. This offer, now were going to have to have it expiring at the end of the month, November 30th and we really appreciate this opportunity to share our services with you. Any questions? Yes.

Woman: What causes cricket infestations?

Terry: All right, good question. We’re seeing a lot of those this year. Remember that crickets like to eat a lot of decaying vegetation, so if you’ve got a lot of leaves, old plants, and grass that’s dying around the house, one of the best ways to help prevent that problem is just come by with your weed wacker, cut all that stuff down, and rake it up. That’ll help reduce it.

Back to the other slide that I showed you where we have cracks in the walkways, sidewalks, so on, those are great places for crickets to hang out. If you seal all those areas up, less harborage for the crickets. Of course, we also have products that can help reduce that problem. I believe we did that for Dennis Jenkins not too long ago.

Man: Yeah, did a great job.

Terry: Any other questions? Bruce Beinlich.

Bruce: I just have a comment. I’m working with a client right now who just purchased a house and had the inspection done probably prior to them purchasing it. The termite company has gone in there and supposedly did the repairs and the removal of the pests and they didn’t do it. They had another company come out and it’s clear that they didn’t do the repairs even though they signed off on them and that they didn’t eliminate the infestation of termites. So you got to have somebody that you can trust to do this stuff.

Terry: I appreciate you saying that. Kathy?

Kathy: How often should you termite your house?

Terry: Down here along the coast area I recommend every 8-10 years. If you have your house fumigated on a regular basis, the amount of repairs would be very minimal. It’s kind of like Val Schepens [SP], if you have your car oil changed every 3 or 4000 miles, hopefully the engine will last the life of the car. If you stretch it out to 20 or 30000 miles between oil changes, you’re probably going to have to swing by and have her drop a new engine in it. Yeah. So take good care of your homes, probably your largest investment. All right. Oh, Kathy, one more?

Kathy: You said the special was ending November 30th?

Terry: Right.

Kathy: What’s that the hotel?

Terry: Right the hotel special. Would you like me to start your job next week?

Kathy: Yes, do it.

Terry: Okay, you got it. All right, thank you everybody.

Woman: Can I ask a question?

Terry: Oh, yes.

Woman: This is regarding mattresses and bugs. Seriously. If you get your house regularly blanketed or whatever, does that help with bed bugs or whatever? You know bedbugs like mattresses.

Terry: Right.

Man: You just got to replace your mattress.

Woman: Is that just a place for them to go? Or is it common? Is it . . .

Terry: Yes, fumigations can help with bedbugs but may I suggest ladies and gentlemen, if you are really concerned about it, maybe you are doing a lot of traveling, you’re worried about importing bed bugs from another hotel, or somewhere, I would suggest using bed bug mattress encasements.

Woman: Encasements, okay.

Terry: Yeah. You can buy those online, some stores carry them, but if you do buy one, make sure it’s a good one. They’re about $75 apiece. You’ll need one for the mattress and one for the box spring. Fantastic investment and they are bedbug resistant.

Woman: Okay, great.

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