3/26 Regular Meeting

Joey Cusick, The Number Crunchers, Inc. Provdes QuickBooks bookkeeping services, as well as bill paying, payroll, temp help, and month end processing. Number Crunchers works WITH your CPA, they don’t replace them, and will literally take your shoebox full of receipts and make sure everything is entered properly into QuickBooks. Call them at 714-593-2345 or email at numbercrunchers@aol.com

Kathy De Peri, Harbor Lawn-Mt Olive Mortuary and Memorial Park. Kathy brought lots of printed information about preplanning and what to do when a loved one passes away. Call her today at 714-540-5554

Val Schepens, Mike’s Auto Service. Val and Mike are avid triatheletes and marathoners and have two grown kids. Val told us how oil changes shouldn’t be quick, contrary to what the Jiffy and EZ Lubes might have you believe. Mike’s certified technicians will go over all aspects of your vehicle and rotate the tires during your service. They are ASC certified and AAA approved and have 6 lifts. Their technicians have over 2,000 makes and models that they work on. Your medical doctor has only 2. Think about it, you want to have a good mechanic BEFORE you really need one. With over 16 years in the business, Mike’s will make you happy you have a qualified, trustworthy mechanic maintaining and fixing your vehicles. Call them today at 714-375-3145

Pat Monahan, First Team Real Estate. Pat is a Rhode Island native but has lived in Orange County for 35 years. She opened a 100+ bed retirement home in Fountain Valley after working as an administrator for 14 years. Since then, she’s been a realtor. The real estate market is in a revolution. There are “New rules”. #1 Prices are down and mortgage restrictions are tougher. #2 Maximize demand – 84% of buyers search for new homes online. #3 At least 10 pictures online. #4 Put home on stage. #5 Use “market trends” for local pricing. #6 Choose a realtor with the fastest response. #7 Negotiation best practices. #8 Identify hot buys. #9 Get expert mortgage advice. Expect to receive value exceeding expectations. First team sold most homes in oc in last 10 years. Call her today at 714-932-5529!