"Reverse" Robert Slater - Reverse Mortgages, Huntington Beach, CA

Robert Slater

Reverse Mortgages for Orange County, CA

John Thomas Painting Contractor Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, CA

John Thomas

Painting Contractor serving Orange County, CA

Dr. Jeff Salo - Family Chiropractor Huntington Beach, CA

Dr. Jeff Salo

Family Chiropractic Care for Orange County, CA

Sean Sloan - Web Developer & Online Marketer

Sean Sloan

Websites & Online Marketing

Guy Ballard of Ballard & Ballard Jewelers - Engagement & Wedding Rings in Orange County, CA

Guy Ballard

Custom Jeweler

Business Networking with Business Growth Innovators

We are a group of local business people with a 30+ year history of weekly face to face business networking. In addition to this we continue to adopt new technology when relevant to our stated goal of using and recommending each other’s businesses whenever possible.

We keep our overhead low so that our fees don’t present a barrier to entry or to ongoing membership and thus insure a favorable return on investment for local business that need to expand their circle of acquaintance and have a reputable group of service providers to refer to. We have a policy of one organization per business category in order to maximize the value of your membership.

We meet each Thursday morning at 6:45 AM:

Meadowlark Golf Club
16782 Graham St,
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
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Membership is $125.00 annually and quarterly costs for breakfast and the meeting facility are $250.00.

Our membership represents the very best that Orange County business has to offer in a broad selection of industries, goods and services. To see the group of fine businesses that you’ll be joining click here!

Realtor Orange County Huntington Beach

Mike Rains



Jeff Nero - Financial Advisor Orange County, CA

Jeff Nero

Vice President


Mark D. Holmes, Business Attorney

Mark Holmes


Natnaree "Bow" Allison

Natnaree "Bow" Allison



Dr. Jeff Salo, Chiropractor in Huntington Beach, CA

Dr. Jeff Salo

Leads Leader


Sean Sloan - Online Marketing & Web Development

Sean Sloan



Meeting Time:
Every Thursday, 6:45am to 8:30 AM, Meadowlark Golf Club, 16782 Graham St, Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Robert Slater knocks down 10 myths about reverse mortgages

By BGI Staff | September 17, 2021

Robert Slater (RobertSlaterHomeLoans.com) knocks down 10 myths about reverse mortgages. As a reverse mortgage expert Robert does his best to dispel the many myths around this amazing opportunity for seniors with equity in their home. As he explains, reverse mortgages have the ability to be life changing and he gets great satisfaction by helping senior…

John Thomas talks about how to refer him as a Painting Contractor

By BGI Staff | August 27, 2021

John Thomas, of JohnThomasPainting.com, talks about how to refer him as a Painting Contractor by using his new website (launching mid-September 2021) as a resource. He pointed out his Approach to Painting, the numerous Testimonials and his Photo Gallery as great ways to illustrate what he does, how he does it and how his customers…

Bow Allison talks about the benefits of having a motivated, dedicated Payment Processing company

By BGI Staff | August 19, 2021

Bow Allison of https://www.heartland.us talks about the benefits of having a motivated, dedicated Payment Processing company. Bow can offer company’s an amazing array of services beyond payment processing (HR, Payroll, Loans, more!) while still providing VERY competitive rates for credit card processing. Call her at 714-913-7241 for more information. Natnaree “Bow” Allison 714-913-7241 natnaree.allison@e-hps.com HeartlandPaymentSystems.com

Jim Duncan talks about mailer design and Every Door Direct Mail program

By BGI Staff | August 14, 2021

Jim Duncan of AIM Business Center #6 talks about mailer design and Every Door Direct Mail program. Jim can be reached at (714) 965-7874 or by visiting his web site.

Dr Jeff Salo is YOUR family chiropractor!

By BGI Staff | July 30, 2021

Dr. Jeff Salo of FamilyChiroHB.com is YOUR family chiropractor! With over 24 years of experience treating all matter of conditions you can rest assured that Dr. Salo has seen it before and can recommend a course of treatment. Watch also for a review of the principles of chiropractic AND the top 10 myths about chiropractic…

Robert Slater gives Reverse Mortgage case studies

By BGI Staff | July 23, 2021

Robert Slater, RobertSlaterHomeLoans.com, shared several case studies of how the reverse mortgage product he offers helped various seniors in different situations secure their future and improve their finances. Call Robert at (714) 770-7057 for more information or visit his website. Robert Slater aka “Reverse Robert” Reverse Mortgage Specialist NMLS# 338253 (714) 770-7057 sr.rslater@gmail.com RobertSlaterHomeLoans.com Reviews: LinkedIn | Google…

Sean Sloan of Open-Interactive.com talks about WooCommerce, Shopify and 360 Store Tours

By BGI Staff | July 12, 2021

Sean Sloan of https://Open-Interactive.com talks about WooCommerce, Shopify and 360 Store Tours in his speech given 7.8.21. If you are looking for WordPress website development or hosting including e-commerce sites, membership sites and more contact Open Interactive at (949) 722-1669. Sean Sloan 949.722.6119 sean@open-interactive.com Open-Interactivec.om

Patty Hansen talks about how she can help business owners get a handle on their profit & loss report

By BGI Staff | June 24, 2021

Patty Hansen of TeamOneAccounting.com talks about bookkeeping practices for solopreneurs and small business owners. Patty can help any business owner get a hold of their numbers and give them great books to send to their tax person. Call her at (949) 355-4521 Patty Hansen Owner/Bookkeeper (949) 355-4521 patty@teamoneaccounting.com TeamOneAccounting.com 2973 Harbor Blvd # 127, Costa…

John Thomas gives an on-site tour of his painting project in Newport Beach, CA

By BGI Staff | June 17, 2021

John Thomas gives an on-site tour of his painting project in Newport Beach, CA. Thomas Painting are expert painting contractors serving Orange County, CA. Interiors, Exteriors, staining, crown moulding, drywall repair, stucco patching, John and his team do it all.Call John at (714) 343-6132 to get an estimate. John Thomas Thomas Painting 714-343-6132 JohnThomasPainting.com john@johnthomaspainting.com

Jon Shrum talks Mortgages: the latest changes to VA loans & how he can help get you in a home

By BGI Staff | June 3, 2021

Jon Shrum, mortgage lender at https://teamshrum.com, talks about the incredible diversity of mortgage sources he has available for veterans, first time buyers and the self-employed business owner. Call Jon at (714) 614-3707 to start making your dream of home ownership a reality. Jon Shrum Branch Manager Arbor Financial Group (714) 614-3707 jons@arborfg.com TeamShrum.com 959 South…

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We are the best business networking Orange County, period. Come this Thursday and meet your new sales team!

Business Growth Innovators of Orange County

@ Meadowlark Golfclub

16782 Graham St, Huntington Beach, CA 92649

NOTE: our entrance is at the BACK LEFT corner of the building if your a facing it from the street. If you come to the front door it will be locked.

Our meetings are from 6:45am to 8:30 AM each Thursday morning.

Phone: 949-903-1062 and speak with Sean Sloan