The process is quite simple, really. Just come check out Business Growth Innovators at two consecutive breakfast meetings as our guest. That’s right, breakfast is on us! If our group impresses you and you think you’d like to join, then let us know at your second meeting. We will then arrange for an inspector to meet you at your home or business for an interview. They will pick up two checks from you at this time $125.00 made out to Business Growth Innovators for your membership fees and $250.00 to Business Growth Innovators for quarterly dues (this will be pro-rated depending upon when you join in a quarter). You will sit out your third meeting while we vote on whether to approve your business. You will then be informed of your membership status and allowed to attend the next meeting. Welcome aboard!

About Us

We are a group of local business people with a 30+ year history of weekly face to face business networking. In addition to this we continue to adopt new technology when relevant to our stated goal of using and recommending each other’s businesses whenever possible.

We keep our overhead low so that our fees don’t present a barrier to entry or to ongoing membership and thus insure a favorable return on investment for local business that need to expand their circle of acquaintance and have a reputable group of service providers to refer to. We have a policy of one organization per business category in order to maximize the value of your membership.

We meet each Thursday morning at 6:45 AM at the Claim Jumper on the corner Brookhurst and Talbert. Membership is $125.00 annually and quarterly costs for breakfast and the meeting facility are $250.00.

Why Join Business Growth Innovators?

  • Exchange valuable business leads which turns into $$$. Members work to provide you with qualified business leads.
  • Members provide access to clients you would not otherwise be able to contact.
  • There are no outside presenters. Members identify themselves and their product or service at each meeting.
  • You will be able to display your product or service on a predetermined schedule.
  • No conflicts of interest are allowed. Your competition can’t join once you’ve joined.
  • Meetings begin at 7:01 a.m. sharp and conclude by 8:31 a.m. sharp and are brief and to the point.
  • An inspector from Business Growth Innovators will visit and confirm your place of business. You must be voted on to become a member.
  • The meeting format Business Growth Innovators has developed is over 30 years in creation. It works!
  • Each group has a Board of Directors. Every meeting is conducted from a specific format.