Membership Application

  • If the same as cell phone please re-enter, thanks.
  • If you're a realtor, mortgage, financial advisor or contractor you will have a state issued license number that we need, thanks. This is required for any business that requires state licensing.
  • If your business is licensed to your home then please put you home address, thanks.
  • Or how did you learn about us?

    I will notify the Secretary in advance if I am unable to attend a meeting.

    Business Mixer functions are considered a mandatory meeting. Non-attendance incurs a $20 fine. Absences will be added to your next quarter's dues.

    I will invite guests to meetings and encourage them to join.

    Friends, family or employees do not count as official guests.

    I will sponsor one new member within my first year.

    I am required to provide a minimum of 4 Business Leads per month in this group. I am willing to make this commitment and agree to pay a $1.00 Reminder Fee every week that I do not pass a business lead. Failure to pass 4 Business Leads per month is grounds for warning, probation and eventually termination.

    I understand that my membership may be terminated for a breach of ethics.

    I work full-time in my Business Category.

    I will only represent my Official Category as defined in my BGI Membership Application.

    I have a current license and/or bonding and insurance, if necessary, to work in my category and it is in good standing.

    I will conform to BGI’s Bylaws, Rules and Procedures, and any subsequent changes that may occur.

    You may belong to other lead’s organizations, especially Chambers of Commerce, but we encourage your primary focus to be BGI.

    We are a volunteer organization and, as such, depend upon our membership to volunteer to serve in both board and committee positions when asked. I am interested in (choose one):

    Becoming a Board member

    Serving on a committee

    I understand that the information in this application will be used by BGI when voting on our membership.

    I understand that if I resign from BGI or my membership is terminated for ethics reasons that my membership and dues are non-refundable.

    I understand my financial obligations regarding my one-time initial BGI membership of $75.00 and ongoing Quarterly Dues of $91.94.

  • Payments

    Upon review of your application we will send you an invoice for the first quarter's dues via email to the email you have provided here. You will be required to pay online using a debit or credit card. Future payments will take this same format.