Social Sharing is Business Networking, It is…

As I mentioned in the last meeting, here is a little tutorial about how to socially share a blog post on the Business Growth Innovators site. Each person can start by sharing their own stories, in this case Dennis and Andy, but any given group member how uses either of these gentlemen and their services who feels comfortable telling their friends on Facebook should feel free to follow these instructions as well. Here goes:

  1. First click on the link next to the person’s name below or visit the Business Growth Innovators site and click on one of the links to a blog article listed there.
  2. Next, look for the social sharing icons at the very, very bottom of the blog post (see screen capture below).
  3. Click on the social sharing icon of your choice to be taken to your account at the given service, say Facebook.
  4. You will be prompted to log in to Facebook and be given a chance to comment on link you will be posting. Write someting that gives context to the link you are posting, eg. “Dennis did our VOIP phone system that allowed us to get 8 phone lines for a fraction of what it would have cost through AT&T. He’s a VOIP expert and always there to answer our questions.”
  5. Choose the proper thumbnail photo and hit “Share” and you’re done.

Below is what the social sharing icons look like:

***NOTE: a “Share” on Facebook is much more powerful than a “Like”. It is better in my opinion, to wait until you have a heartfelt “Share” to offer.

The steps for Twitter, Google+, etc. are essentially the same. This tutorial will be posted to the Business Growth Innovators site for future reference.