House Painting Orange County

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House Painting Orange County

Thomas Painting Contractors has been a licensed painting contractor for 20 years, painting homes and businesses in Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and the surrounding area. We strive for excellence every time we paint a home, inside or out.

Why choose Thomas Painting Contractors?

Competitive Painting Prices

Let us come to your home or business, have a look at what you want to have done and give you a custom painting quote. We’re confident that you’ll find our painting prices to be fair, affordable and competitive. Call today for your free painting estimate 714-343-6132

Value in Our Painting Service

A good paint job is a smart investment in your property. To be completely honest there’s a lot more to a great paint job than just applying the architectural coating to the substrate. From choosing the right colors and brand of paint for you job to the preparatory sanding and filling to the actual painting and finally the clean up and touch up we provide value through our exceptional service. To learn more about the value of the service we provide call us today at 714-343-6132

Satisfaction with Your Paint Job

We depend on great word of mouth recommendations and the kind of curb appeal that has your neighbors stop and ask us for our card. As such, we strive to make certain that each of our customers is completely satisfied with the job we’ve done for them. We’re confident that you’ll soon be among our satisfied customers. Call now at 714-343-6132

Check out examples of house painting in Newport BeachLaguna Beach, Long Beach and Fullerton.

John Thomas
Thomas Painting

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