We are conveniently located near all major freeways in the city of Huntington Beach. We meet each Thursday morning at 6:45am. Come early to get the most impact from face to face networking! Bring business cards and a good appetite.

Meadowlark Golf Club
16782 Graham St.
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
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***NOTE: our entrance is at the BACK LEFT corner of the building if your a facing it from the street. If you come to the front door it will be locked.

Plenty of free parking is available

Phone: 949-903-1062

Email Address: info@businessgrowthinnovators.com

Map to Meadowlark Golf Club

Table Topper:

The Table Top turn is a two minute synopsis of who you are, as a company, and what you're going to talk about as a Presenter two weeks later. As a Table Topper you will have the opportunity to bring samples of your work for other members to view and ample space will be provided for display or demonstration.


When its you're turn to greet what you do is arrive early at the meeting area, 6:45 AM, so that you can welcome all of our members and most importantly our guests so that they can be signed in, given a Guest name badge and have their questions answered about the group.


The Presenters have 10 - 15 minutes of time to tell their story: a little bit about themselves, how they came to work at the company, what their company does, how it does things differently than others in its field, why we should all use you, how we can tip you best, what we can say to other potential customers on your behalf. If you can personalize your message, make it memorable you will have succeeded. A polite "Thank You" to all the people in the group who have started to use your service wouldn't hurt either. This group works best by establishing relationships and trust, being responsive, etc. You might think that a great product alone would be enough but these intangibles are very important.

We also host quarterly Open Houses. These are evening meetings generally hosted by one of our member businesses and are a more social environment in which to get to know your fellow members in a more well-rounded way.

We have had beach parties, holiday themed parties and guests are encouraged to bring a raffle prize to contribute to festivities. Business Growth Innovators considers this to be such an integral part of their success that missing a Open House carries a $10 fine.