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Feel your right ear please. Inside your ear. I want to tell you a little bit about auricular acupuncture, which is inner ear. There are more than 200 points in the ear alone that affect the whole body, and the reason is the cranial nerves come into the ear and go directly to the brain so there’s a real change in the way the body works. What I’m going to do today for my volunteers is give one needle that helps with the nervous system so it’s going to help them feel more calm, relieve stress and help them. To show you they’re not going to fall over or anything like that.

You’ve all had acupuncture before right? (No). Oh, Congratulations! It’s contrary to what people think. They call and say ,“I can’t come today because I’m sick”. What I’m going to do is wait for the lights and needle your ears. It usually takes 20 minutes. I’m using the larger, longer needle than I normally would so you guys can see it. You won’t bleed too much (laughs). This point I’m using is called “shin min” and it works to help the nervous system. So their breathing will slow down, their blood pressure will go down, their heart rate will go down, not to the point you’re going to pass out, but. “When are you going to do it?” I did it.

Mary, does this help with someone who has anxiety? Yes. I gave you a handout for all the conditions acupuncture can treat. Most people generally come to the clinic for pain because they think that’s what acupuncture primarily is for, which is true, but there is a whole list of conditions on that handout that acupuncture can treat. So, I’m taking any case pretty much, there a few cases where I refer people out but other than that I take most any case. Also, on that handout are some Frequently Asked Questions.

“What about anxiety, depression and all those areas, where do you have to (bleed?) to treat that?” (Laughter) The point that we’re using right now is great for anxiety and depression, so right where you have it. In the ear there are over 200 points, on the body there are more than 300 points, so the points that are chosen are deliberately chosen by me in a direct attempt to change the effect on the body, so they’re not random or always the same. There are different reasons people have anxiety and depression, and I don’t mean your husband or your boss, but there are physical reasons why people would experience anxiety and depression.

Would insurance cover any of this?

Yes, Gov. Brown signed two bills into law recently where starting in 2014 acupuncture is considered an essential element and all the insurance companies are mandated to cover acupuncture as one of the benefits. But right now, starting in 2014 they will have to start providing some kind of partial or full payment.

To share with you, when I was in school, before I went to school I was on a downward spiral because of my health and acupuncture brought me back around so as of today, I take no medication. I had one little thing that’s happened, but other than that, I feel very good and vibrant and stay healthy most of the time

Joey, my son, just found out he has three old fractures in his back and has as slipped disc, so he’s going to chiropractic, but the neurologist told him no more of that, no more massage, and he’s in a lot of pain. He’s only 29 years old. Is this something that could help him?

Yes, and here’s the thing, I will say acupuncture will not cure things that will not necessarily beat therapy, but one of the things acupuncture does as it stimulates the brain is help the body release endorphins, which is the happy chemical. But the things that endorphins do, is release inflammation in the body, reduce nervous system firing inappropriately and help the cells receive receptors on the cells to receive endorphins to calm down. So it’s great for pain management, I get a lot of people from Kyser’s Pain Management program, and again, it doesn’t cure everything, it can sometimes be one part of everything you’re doing and it can sometimes be the end-all, it depends on your situation. But it definitely can help with pain. And then, is it something you have to do for the rest of your life? Well, exercise, you have to do that on a regular basis, but you may get to a point where you’re going to make it. So..

So it’s stimulating some sympathetic system in your body that’s there naturally?

Yes. Right. “So is there a contraindication, you said there are some things you refer out. Are there some things you would say no to?” Well, the things I would refer out are things I have other colleagues or acupuncturists who specialize in special kinds of treatment. I have a colleague in San Diego who only treats degenerative eye issues. My mother is really ill, you guys have heard me talk about it, and we’ve had issues. She’s 89, and I used to treat her, but she’s too frail now to be treated because some of the things your immune system can do with acupuncture with someone who’s frail or older, they can’t handle the side effects, which are supposed to be healing side effects, but. Other than that, I have a patient I treated who was 6 months old, and my oldest patient is 94, so it’s grewat for any age and there are no contraindications.

What did you treat a 6 month old for?

Allergies. This particular child had nasal allergies, so.

Okay, that is basically the extent of that, so I’ll take the needles out of everybody and if you have any questions, I do a free consultation in my office, so if you don’t want to use the little sheets, please go ahead and give them to someone else.

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