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Promtional Items or Advertising Specialties - Kathy Ahluwahlia

Promtional Items or Advertising Specialties - Kathy Ahluwahlia

Kathy Ahluwhalia, our advertising specialties expert based in Huntington Beach, California but serving all of Orange County, showed us some of the latest techniques for your advertising your business using promotional items.

Kathy lead off with a bracelet program that allowed a booth owner to hold drawing that encouraged each bracelet holder to bring others back to the booth in order to get their own bracelets and their own chances to win. Each bracelet had multiple, pull off numbered tabs. When you got the bracelet you pulled off the numbered tab and dropped it in to the drawing bin. Each time you brought a person back you got to drop in a new tab from you bracelet and double your chances.

The other device was a small perhaps infrared sending unit that sent specific identifying information about you to a base station at the booth essentially allowing you to “check in”. The more booths you visited the greater the number of times your identifying information would be submitted, the greater your chances to win a prize.

If you need any of these advanced advertising programs, along with the traditional pens, cups, shirts and note pads give Kathy Ahluwahlia of Beach Trends a call.

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