Membership Approaches

Keep in mind that we are ONLY looking for quality members to join our group: people that we can send business and who are willing to do the same for us.

Here are the 4 Questions technique that should allow you to invite anyone to a Business Growth Innovators meeting:

  1. Are you getting enough business?
  2. Are you making enough money?
  3. Are you in town this coming Thursday morning?
  4. Can I invite you to breakfast on me?

You only get to questions 3 and 4 if their answers are “No” to the first two.

Additional ideas include:

  1. How would you like to add 20 sales people to your company this week?
  2. Who are your referral sources (Power Partners)? We will actively help you by recruiting one of them for membership.
  3. Membership has a value of over $10,000 a year making it one of the best returns on investment for your time and money. We know this: its up to us to effectively communicate this to potential new members.