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Promtional Items or Advertising Specialties - Kathy Ahluwahlia

Promtional Items or Advertising Specialties – Kathy Ahluwahlia

We like to compare to We will give you the right match or the right product for your business. We have 145 page questionnaire to make sure that we put the right product to your business. Number one, do you need more business? Number two, do you like more business? Number three, could you use more business. Number four and so on, and so forth.

Hi, I’m Kathy Ahluwahlia with Beach Trends. I am in the business to help your business make money. You want to make it as easy as possible for yourself and your salesmen to market and get the sale. Now, none of us want to spend unnecessary money. With that in mind, here are some absolute must- haves for your business.

Those first impressions are important; therefore, you must have a nice designer dress shirt or polo. Pay close attention to the detail of your logo. It should be the same every time. If your company colors are blue and athletic gold, it’s perfectly acceptable to do your logo in white, black, gold, or silver, but only those colors.

If you have five or more employees, they should all be wearing the same color shirt. If you’re the lone ranger doing telephone marketing sales and making large deals on the golf course, we have designer golf shirts for you too.

Okay, now you look professional and I’ve brought the latest designer shirt for women.

Okay. How do you get that sale? You have your cards, your brochures, your pens. Well, you visit a potential customer with a nice gift. You ask how the family is, about the kids, and then how is business. And when they ask you how your business is, you go into your sales pitch.

My personal technique would be, my customer got a $15,000 sale by handing out this coffee cup or my real estate agent sold a million dollar house with a ten cent magnet, and these are all true stories by the way.

Another customer of mine goes into a corporation and improves sales through motivation. He always gives out a globe paperweight. I think I have one here. It’s a little thing that sits on your desk. It’s real colorful and you can spot it. Stress balls, either a heart or a globe, he’s given out both and he leaves the customer with a Swiss army pocket knife, really nice little ad specialty. And they don’t throw these away that’s for sure.

To sum it up, you’ve made a first grade impression. You’ve professionally wrapped your business with a customized designer outfit from Beach Trends. You’ve passed out a handout with your logo on it to get the business, not to mention you’ve made your business look more reputable by having everything matching and handing out gifts. You’ve given out something with the quote or the presentation catered to your particular business.

And finally, which coffee cup got the $15,000 sale? A, Plant Nerd. B, Ballard and Ballard. C, the CIA Pro for Insurance. Tough ones, huh? D, Termite Terry Pest Control. And E, all of the above. F, none of the above. I was going to keep you guessing but Terry brought me in this today. He handed out one coffee cup, got called back five or six, seven, eight times. It wasn’t $15,000. It was $25,000 this coffee cup made. Thank you Terry and thank you.

Everybody today will get a high-tech stylus pen from Beach Trends and their very own sack to put it in and anything you want on the table. Thank you.

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