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Promtional Items or Advertising Specialties - Kathy Ahluwahlia

Promtional Items or Advertising Specialties - Kathy Ahluwahlia

My business helps you gain exposure. How do you get exposure? The best things are to use items that can be seen around the home or office 24 hours a day. A refrigerator file cabinet magnet. A wall, desk calendar or coffee mug. Who remembers Kelly Lambright from Clutter Cleaners? She thought all my stuff was clutter.

Imagine that, except she saw the psychological value of magnets. She knew they’d see Clutter Cleaner’s magnet on the fridge as clutter would pile up and they’d call her. This also will work when the potential client needs phone service, carpet cleaning, car repair or a diamond ring. Ballard and Ballard have a beautiful magnet and they send out postcards.

If anyone sends their customer list I can send out their magnets or postcards together so they have something to throw away and something to keep. Calendars, I have one in my room and one in my kitchen. Shouldn’t it have your logo on it? You could say like us on Facebook and we’ll send you a calendar. Coffee mugs, they are not just for coffee they are also for advertisement and exposure.

Coffee mugs, beer coozies, a drink of any kind will help you get exposure. I just got some new jackets in that compliment the custom T-shirts I do. Another small business I started out with, started with six pack coolers. They landed a big account where the marketing manager is now the CEO. I also have 12 pack coolers.

Over the years my clients have done: flashlights, ball bags, clocks, tools, towels, t-shirts etc. Every June we make personal planners where companies use the first four pages for flyers, information and advertisement for the industry. Mistakes do happen and this planner is a great example where I messed up on their logo.

However, they loved it and then changed their logo to my mistake. That was years ago. People do go to trade shows. Often their customers are away from home and missing the kids. Kids are our future customers. toys are another way to get you exposure. We have this flying monkey that my husband won’t let me give away.

There are also backpacks, pencils, highlighters and flying saucers. This flying disc has 9 inches of space for your logo. You could have it pop out of your planner. Another little explosion. You can save the date and most of all it’s fun for the whole family. Did I mention it won’t put a dent in your pocket book and it will get you exposure. Get your exposure. Thank you.

“My business is Promoting your Business”

I love to create, I love to see the results of my efforts in profits rolling in for you. My clients send me pictures, thank you cards (from my website) and keep me informed of problems, which are usually the Bottom Line, and I can help.

I’ll cater a program just for you with gifts to:

  • Market yourself and your company
  • Show appreciation to your clients and benefactors
  • Get your foot in the door
  • Increase traffic to your tradeshow booth
  • Get your spouse personalized golf balls for the holidays

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