Alarm System Expert in Orange County with Lee Miller

When I spoke last time I discussed how in the industry you can get a free alarm system. I wanted to touch base a little bit more with that and talk a bit more about what that entails. Basically there are three criteria in order to get a free system:

  1. be either a homeowner or a business owner
  2. have a credit score of 625 or higher
  3. commit to a monitoring agreement. If someone meets those three criteria we can set up a system for them with no out of pocket cost.

Alarm System Lee MillerQuick question: Prior to meeting me, how many of you have seen door-to-door guys come by and try to give you a free alarm system in your house? A few okay. It’s actually a very, very popular industry and there is a lot of competition going around. I offer a free system and you say, “Yeah, you and 50 other guys. What’s your point?” So it has been a very tough industry of late. The competition is fierce. Obviously, I get massive rejection every single day. Those are the easy things. Dealing with the dogs chasing me, that’s a little bit rougher. I’ve had the cops called on me a few times, because the question of how can I possibly be giving away a free system comes up. One time I had four cop cars with their dogs on me. They thought I was a bomber. The grand finale of the whole thing was when I was held hostage at gunpoint and had a knife at my throat because they thought I was trying to break into their house. That’s why I have been trying to get out of the business for a while now. It is a difficult way to make a living. With the economy being the way it has been of late, it has been quite brutal.

I thought about going in other directions and as I thought about it I realized we offer an incredible value. We offer great customer service. It truly is a great product. The problem is the way in which it’s being marketed. People have been going door-to-door with alarm systems forever. There are four or five people out there doing the same things and it’s hard to differentiate myself from all the competition doing the exact same thing. So, in deciding to stay in this group and stay in this industry, I decided to reinvent myself and create a new way of marketing outside of door-to-door because I’m quite sick of that to be quite honest with you.

So a couple of things I have come up with to work on a referral basis, to talk with people who want to talk to me rather than me barging in on them at their dinner time or whatever. I’ve come up with a few marketing things. I presented this the last time I was here, I’ll reiterate it again. Basically, because I can give away a free alarm system, I’ve come up with ways to lessen the shock of why I’m giving away a free system. This first thing is like a gift certificate. This is something the company can give out as a gift. “Hey, thank you for meeting with me. Hey, thank you for buying from me. Here’s a gift of a free home security system.” I actually have a plug program if people want to participate in that. I’d pay anything to give up knocking on doors. Basically, how that works is I would put your business name in here (on the certificates) and you would basically give these as a gift/suggestion as a thank you to your customers. That’s the first thing I’m doing.

Second thing, we talked about someone who was getting an alarm system at an auction. That helped me come up with the idea that I could do this thing as a fundraiser. Here’s how it works: Basically I give them the free system (they still have to meet the criteria of course.) Then I would actually donate $200 to the fundraiser for every person that actually signed up for an alarm. So that’s another way I’ve come up with to get away from purely door knocking. I figure if they have to raise money they might as well also get something that’s of value to them.

The third thing deals with the person who has an existing alarm system. I can actually upgrade them and give them a lot more value and a lot more benefits. A lot of people might have keypads similar to this. Very plain, very simple. Some of these people have systems that are ten years old. We have a touch screen system. This one is pretty cool it acts as a video player as well. It can show family photos or play videos while its not in use. I’ll pass these around so you can see the differences. Bottom line: If someone has an existing system I can either add value to it by upgrading it or 99% of the time I can lower the monitoring costs. I can also add new equipment. Or if people want to keep the same system and just want to lower their monitoring rate, there’s a 99% chance I can do that for them and save them money each month on the monitoring.

The final thing that I’m going to be doing to get away from door-to-door business is that I’m going to be launching a massive Facebook campaign. I’ll be doing a lot on Facebook. You guys have probably heard my commercials before where I offer a free vacation to people if they signed up with me for the alarm; just something to differentiate me from the competition. If people like the page on Facebook I’ll give them 10% discounts at over 1,000 amazing restaurants. As I said, I am looking for different marketing strategies from door-to-door because 25 years adds up. The present state of the economy has not made it as pleasant as in the previous days.

Any questions at all?

What’s your monitoring rate?

We have different packages based on what types of bells and whistles you want to work with. They start as low as about a dollar a day and go up from there. It goes up to about $55 a month. With that package you can actually control your alarm system through your cell phone. (You can turn it on or off from anywhere in the country.) The $55 a month package is the highest we have to offer. It allows monitoring control through a cell phone; you don’t have to have a landline in place.

Some alarm systems have a component where the person gets a bracelet, a sort of the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up,” sort of thing. Someone I know uses that. Is that a part of your system?

Well, we have a medical necklace that is a one-touch button to dispatch the paramedics. All of our alarm systems have a 2-way voice system built into it (kind of like the On-Star.) If the person falls and can’t get up they can press the button on the keypad and talk to the person and tell them to send help.

Also, along that line of extra benefits, we have a smoke and heat sensor that will actually call the Fire Department in the event that you are not home and the house sets on fire, and the dogs are in the kennel, etc. Our system gives you a house to come home to instead of starting over because the fire took it out. Anything else? Thank you for your time.

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