Alarm Systems Orange County – Lee Miller

Lee Miller is our Home Alarm System expert serving all of Orange County, California. Lee represents All Secure which does business in 5 counties in Southern California. He has 7  years of experience selling alarm systems door to door.

Lee presented a Top Ten list for his presentation to the group. They were the following list of consideration from home owners:

  1. People say “we have a safe neighborhood, there’s no crime here!”. Crime is everywhere, there is no such thing as a crime free neighborhood. As long as you live with other human beings there will be crime around.
  2. Two words: Lock Bumping, an internet phenomenon that teaches anyone how to open locks with a few simple, inexpensive tools. Here’s a link to 347 “how to” videos on YouTube.
  3. “We have a dog”: nothing a few sedatives in a piece of meat won’t fix
  4. “We have nothing of value to steal”: you’d be surprised, desperate criminals will take anything
  5. “Someone is always home”: and you want your wife to confront the crooks?
  6. “You’ll have to drill holes”: actually our system is completely wireless, no holes to be drilled
  7. “It will be a hassle”: we assure you that the entire process will be stress and trouble free, we’ve done it thousands of times
  8. “What if we move?”: not a problem, we’ll give you a certificate to move your system for free when you move
  9. “It’s only an alarm”: actually, no, its police, fire, paramedics and includes an “I’ve fallen and can’t get up” medical necklace
  10. “We can’t afford your system”: as an ‘advertising home’ your alarm system will be completely free
Lee Miller