Angie Butler demonstrates her skin care products…

Angie Butler - Arbonne Independent Consultant

Angie Butler – Arbonne Independent Consultant

Angie Butler: Good morning Business Growth Innovators, my name is Angie Butler and I am an independent consultant with Arbonne , in case you didn’t know. Who is Arbonne? Behind me is our manifesto poster and this embodies Arbonne’s philosophy for 35 years. “Well done is better done well said.” This is a quote from Benjamin Franklin.These are not just words to Arbonne. They have put it into practice every single day for 35 years, hence, I have done the same for more than nine. I want you to know that I truly care about your well-being and the well-being of your referrals.

Today, I brought in just a few of my favorites for you to actually try yourself, and with the help of hopefully two volunteers here in the room, you will be able to see for yourself a gained confidence with the actual results. As you know, Arbonne is a result-driven company that does actual third party clinical testing. We have nothing to hide and our ingredient policy sets us apart as well. Often times, our lips are forgotten. They need good skin care too, as well as broad spectrum protection. Today, I brought with me the Tahitian Coconut Lip Therapy Set from our holiday brochure. Do I have a volunteer who has dry, chapped lips? Okay, Dava, come on up.

Male 1: It has to be validated by testing so she [inaudible 00:01:35].

Angie: Thank you Dava.

Dava: Are you volunteering more?

Male 1: No.

Angie: Thanks for volunteering.

Dava: Sure.

Angie: First is our lip smoother and that’s this stuff right here and this is the way it looks all packaged. If you want to try this later, this is packaged ready for gift giving, which is really nice, it’s in our holiday brochure which is right there if you want to take one. We’re gonna start. Let’s see. First, I want to talk about the lip smoother. This is infused with grapeseed oil that helps exfoliate dry lips with [inaudible 00:02:15] shea butter. The key ingredients are coconut, coconut fruit extract, grapeseed oil and dragon fruit extract. Doesn’t that sound yummy?

Dava: That sounds yummy.

Angie: All right. What we’re going to do, this is like an exfoliator. I’m gonna put this on your lips, but then you could just use your finger or we can take one of these applicators and you’re going to just rub it like you scrub your lips. Apply it all over. Here, I can put it on for you. Then you could put this by your bedstand at night and you could also do it again in the morning if you’d like. Then you can exfoliate your lips with that. It tastes good too, right?

Dava: Uh-huh. Okay.

Angie: Okay. Now, let’s take it all off now, all the coconut. How does that feel?

Dava: Pretty smooth.

Angie: Pretty smooth?

Dava: A little greasy though, but…

Angie. Yeah. We got to get it all off. There you go. All right. Okay. Then next, we’re gonna do our lip salve and it’s a dual gift here. This is formulated with coconut oil. It conditions and enhances hydration. The key ingredients are coconut metal foam seed oil, shae butter, and coconut oil. Now, we’re going to apply this. I can brush for you. All right. There’s no color to this, and it’ll really help to hydrate. How was that?

Dava: It’s good.

Angie: Do you like that?

Dava: There’s a little coconuty taste to it.

Angie: It makes your lips feel soft?

Dava: Uh-huh.

Angie: Okay, good. Okay now, in addition, I want to apply the RE9 Advanced Intensive Renewal Serum on one side of her face, along with our FC5 Mattifying Powder to show you what they could do and how your skin will feel. This particular serum it helps your skin to stop acting its age. The RE9 Advanced collection is our premiere anti-aging skincare line. RE9 Advanced products have demonstrated clinically proven visible results in 24 hours. 100% reported refinement in skin texture and smoothness, improvement in skin moisturization, and the formulations contain advanced collagen supporting ingredient sophisticated and functional packaging.

RE9 Advanced is competitively priced in he market, given the value and performance of the product, supported by clinical results. The Intensive Renewal Serum is my personal favorite. Your skin will drink this concentrated, stabilized vitamin C up quickly, which supports collagen, critical for skin strength in elasticity, in addition to antioxidant protection against free radical damage. Your skin will feel hydrated, smoother, firmer and more lifted looking. Your skin will improve with continued use, and specially if you use the entire system. Okay. We’re gonna apply to one side of your face. My hands are clean.

Dava: Okay.

Angie: It will just absorb super quickly. I did a little bit too much so I put it onto my hands. Okay. What I’m going to do now is I’m going to pass this around and I’d like for you to try it on one hand and then feel the difference. About a half a pump, you can put it on one hand and then you’ll see the difference with your hands. If you want to put it on your face, that’s up to you, but it only takes a half of a pump so I’m gonna pass that around the room while I continue.

The next thing I wanted to talk about was the…This is a long time favorite for so many. It’s the FC5 Mattifying Powder. This is used on movie sets and by many make-up artists and Arbonne lovers. This absorbs the oil when used over or under moisturizer or make-up. It’s formulated with a green pigment. Here, I’ll show you. It’s a green pigment but it doesn’t show green on your skin. You’ll see in a second. It works on a variety of skin tones to diminish shine while helping make up last longer. This complex softens, cools, and conditions oily, combination skin. Of course, it’s allergy and dermatologist tested, and it’s formulated without gluten and of course, it’s vegan.

Okay. We’re going to apply the powder to one side of the face. This is in a nice little compact that you can throw in your purse, or gentlemen, in your bag if you’re at the airport. I’m gonna talk about that in a second. What it’s going to do, it just gonna absorb any oil and the green will go away. What’s great about this is that it can last all day long. Or you can apply it and you could put this under make-up, over make-up, or just put no make-up, but see how it takes away the shine and some of the redness? A little trick also, if you put this on your lips, it’s just like the secret sauce to put underneath your lipstick and it’ll hold your lipstick all day as well, even after eating. Would you like to see that?

Dava: Sure.

Angie: There’s no color to it.

Dava: It’s really nice.

Angie: Yeah. Do you want me do the other side so you’re not lop sided?

Dava: Sure.

Angie: Now, how does that feel on your skin? Do you feel like there is something on your skin or does it feel like your skin can breathe?

Dava: It doesn’t feel anything is on there at all.

Angie: Right, and that’s just powder. That looks really nice. Very good.

Dava: Thank you.

Angie: Thank you Dava. Thank you for being [inaudible 00:09:40] Business Growth Innovators. Okay. Believe it or not, this is a great product both for men and women. I kid you not. I know of men who take this on planes and while they travel to freshen up. It will take the shine out of your face and keep you from sweating, kind of like a groom when he’s saying “I do.” That would be a perfect opportunity to use it. Trust me. This product does what it says. It will absorb the oil and help minimize shine while concealing skin redness for a perfect matte finish. In addition, like I said, the secret sauce to holding on your lip gloss and lipstick, ladies. Okay, so who is next to get the A treatment?

Male 1: There you go.

Angie: Okay. Come on up. Thank you so much. This time, we’re gonna start with the new Arbonne Intelligence Lip Treatment. We’re going to to apply this around…

Male 2: Intelligence?

Angie: We’re going to apply this around the entire lip area and you’ll feel the difference right away. Just a little bit about…Let’s see. Here it is. A little bit about the lip treatment. The key ingredients and benefits, it includes the proprietary complex Phytinol. It has some of the same plant-based ingredients, the alfalfa in chicory root, which is in our genius paths, which are revolutionary amazing. This has ginger, cocoa butter which comforts, softens and nourishes with moisture.

The ginger actually enhances the lips’ natural pink color and delivers the appearance of the medium plumpy for your wife, and raspberry seed oil minimizes moisture loss by replenishing lip barrier and silicon moisture, and cloudberry extract, with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamin C [inaudible 00:12:02]. It softens, conditions and nourishes by moisturizing. This is amazing skin care for your lips. Now, you’re gonna feel the difference.

Male 2: All right. After pancakes, here we go.

Angie: Brush. This is super easy to carry in your pocket. Okay?

Male 2: Okay.

Angie: All right.

Male 3: Oh, wow. You know [inaudible 00:12:30]].

Angie: Like I said, you can totally go over the lip line here and that’s what it’s meant for, to help with any wrinkles around the lips.

Female: I might have to go closer. I can’t see. Let’s do this.

Male 3: Grab your purse honey and get in the car.

Female 2: I’m changing the picture right now.

Angie: Okay. Now, seriously. Be honest. Is that amazing?

Male 2: It’s so amazing.

Angie: No, seriously.

Male 3: Do you feel more kissable?

Angie: What does it feel like? Do they feel hydrated?

Male 2: Yeah.

Angie: Do they feel softer?

Male 2: Yes.

Angie: Good.

Male 2: They definitely feel softer.

Angie: Okay. While that soaks in, I’ll clue you in on the key ingredients and benefits, but I think I already did that right? Yeah, I already did that.

Male 3: Yup.

Angie: This is another secret sauce under your chapstick, or lip gloss, or lipstick. Okay? For you, chapstick, but anyway, you can start with this ladies, and then you can put the personalizer…You can do the Personalizer Powder and then you can do a lip liner all over the lip and then the lipstick over that. It really works great. Then, we’re gonna put the chapstick on him next and this is new, our whole sun-line has been reformulated. This is called Arbonne Liquid Sunshine. It’s a mineral lip balm with broad spectrum sunscreen, SPF15 and coconut flavor. Okay?

Male 3: You have two minutes.

Angie: Two minutes, got it. This is aloe vera, and non-nano zinc oxide in it. Okay? Actually, I already have this one on the tray. Here we go. We’re gonna put this. You may have to take your finger and then rub it around because it’s chapstick. Take your finger. I can do it. My hands are clean.

Male 3: Can you smile while you’re doing that?

Angie: This is coconut. This has coconut in it, and sunscreen. How does that feel?

Male 2: I like that.

Angie: You like it? That will keep you protected when you’re out in the sun.

Male 1: When you’re surfing.

Angie: And surfing.

Male 2: Yes, I like it.

Angie: Okay, good. Anyway, I was gonna try the powder on you but since I’m down to a couple of minutes…Yeah. On your skin, but that’s okay?

Male 3: No powder?

Angie: Thank you. You want the mirror?

Male 2: Oh, she’s kicking me out.

Angie: Well, they said I only have a minute so I got to get going, but I’ll try after. Anyway, I just want to thank my two studious people that came out to help me today, and I really appreciate you both. Like I said, we are a results-driven company. These are not just words, we mean them. Well done, Arbonne. Thank you.