Anterior Open Bite Correction – Dr. Mark Yamamoto

Dentist Huntington Beach Orange County California

Dr. Mark Yamamoto - Dentist Huntington Beach, Orange County California

Dr. Mark Yamamoto, our TMJ expert and dentist located in Huntington Beach but serving all of Orange County, California, gave a talk about Anterior Open Bite.

He warned us that thumb sucking can cause an open bite, life long breathing problems and the tongue to press between a gap in the top and bottom teeth every time one swallows. He told us that pacifiers are not as bad for the misshaping of the roof of the mouth but that the open bite can still occur. This was a very technical talk accompanied by the detailed slides and diagrams that Dr. Yamamoto uses when he teaches other dentists about the intricacies of bite correction.

Dr. Yamamoto is among the most experienced dentists around having been in dental practice for 42 years now. He is a firm  believer in continuing education having logged of 4,000 hours of continuing education himself. He also teaches a class each Friday morning at USC. He enjoys his work and learns something from every new patient he sees.

Dr. Mark recently had a case where a woman had head trauma from a car accident. It was painful for her to chew and she had clicking on both sides of her jaw. He showed us a movie of her unbalanced bite a “progressive dislocation” that needed to be corrected. Finally he showed how after treatment the inflammation caused swelling had gone away, her face was back to normal and she was very happy with the treatment.

Read more about the correction of Anterior Open Bite on Dr. Mark’s web site: