Anthony Campo of on how to grow your business with fitness

Anthony Campo of

Anthony Campo of

Anthony Campo of on how to grow your business with fitness.

Anthony Campo
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Anthony Campo: All right, so the title of my presentation today is “Grow Your Fitness and Grow Your Business”. Okay? So, I’ve been sending you guys some emails about the Whole Life Challenge. I just wanted to start off by giving you my vision for the Whole Life Challenge. When I thought, hey, our organization signed up for the Whole Life Challenge. So then it dawned on me one day, I was like, you know, it would be a great opportunity for all of us to work together, create a sub team underneath our team for all of us to have that team atmosphere within this Le Tip group. My vision for that was if we work together, we could tip together. Okay?

Also, another aspect of this and a great opportunity for everybody here is networking. So, not only will you be exposed in our organization to a hundred and fifty people, new people that you guys don’t know, you also will be exposed to thousands online, because as I’ll get to later, there’s a social aspect, a networking aspect that you can connect with other people throughout the world and throughout Orange County and southern California through this game. One of the last visions was a strong mind, a strong body, and a strong spirit equals a strong business.

So let me give you an idea of the Whole Life Challenge and an overview of that. It’s an online game around health, fitness, and lifestyle. We say lifestyle, because it revolves around seven daily habits. There’s nutrition, workout, stretching, drinking enough water, a period of time during the day with mindlessness, and reflection. Hmm?

Man: Mindfulness?

Anthony Campo: Mind, well, mindfulness, mindlessness, I call it mindlessness.

Sean Sloan: You probably don’t want to call it that.

Man 2: [inaudible 00:02:14] a good idea …

Anthony Campo: No, so when I say mindlessness, it’s just clearing out, clearing all that stuff out out of your mind. That’s my connection, my correlation with mindless. You know, not having thoughts, kind of just clearing everything out, a very big habit of a lot of cultures and religions, meditation.

Nutrition, now the levels within the Whole Life Challenge, there’s beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Now, that has to do with nutrition as well. So, if you’re wanting to improve a little bit of your nutrition and lifestyle, you with the nutrition levels, you can just get started in a small little timeframe, they’re not as constrictive. How the nutrition works, you get five points per day. If you have these on the beginner, intermediate, and advanced, you have parameters on what you can and cannot eat. Obviously, on the beginner, it’s a little less. So if you violate those rules five times that day, you get zero points, but if you don’t violate those rules, you get five points.

Then you get ten points for working out ten minutes a day. What’s a work out? Just go for a walk. Go for a walk and get that mindfulness.

Man 3: [inaudible 00:03:45] car.

Anthony Campo: Yeah, and then, stretching for ten minutes a day. A little bit of flexibility. Now if you go and do yoga, it counts for your workout and your stretching, so, just a little bit of that. Water, obviously, keeping the body flushed and everything else.

Okay, so how it’s going to start. So on May first we’re going to have a pre-game huddle. So this is going to give you all the rules, parameters, any questions you might have, kind of the background to why this is, and how this stuff will help you get to your goals. Then, May second, the game starts, and that’s when we have our prelims. Prelims is when we come down, we’ll take your measurements. We’ll do a modified workout, beginner, intermediate, advanced. Could be just, hey, go walk for ten minutes, if someone’s a beginner, that level. Then, after May second, you’ll start implementing, starting May second and after that, you’ll implement and participate in the Whole Life Challenge. Each day, you’ll go online and record your points, and it’s on the honor system.

So you’ll collect points throughout the whole time, and then we’ll have a couple midpoint check ins and events. So like, we’ll call it a Paleo Potluck or a Whole Life Challenge potluck where we’ll get group events and community events to get together so we can support each other. Then, we’ll also have a midpoint check in. Then, we’re going to finish off with the finals day. So this is Kind of like, if anybody’s ever ran a marathon, they have that game day atmosphere. So you’re coming back. You’ve implemented for 56 days. You’ve made progress. You worked out, done all that stuff, so we’re going to retest you, meaning doing the measurements, and then also whatever workout you performed before. Now, the work outside, if anybody has problems with that, we’ll talk about that.

How to get involved, if you want to get involved, you can play. I’d love for everybody to do that. I think it would be great, community, if we’re having guests in that week, we’re going to have this little buzz. Trust me about that. Then, if you’re not into playing, that’s completely fine, but you could support. You could provide prizes, because when we come to the finals day, there’s going to be winners, first, second, third place. We can crown winners in here. So, prizes, this would be a great way for you to provide, get yourself out to our network by providing gift baskets, Star Bucks cards, things like that for the first, second, and third place winners.

So, any questions?

Man 4: So is there a cost involved, or is this like a metagame [?] where people are coming together by like interest, and…

Anthony Campo: There is a cost involved. It’s $49 for the game, and yeah, it gets you online platform. [inaudible 07:20] or not, if you guys haven’t checked out the online website, there’s a whole back end. Whole Life Challenge is going to be putting out educational articles, they have a whole system, forums, all of this stuff in the back-end.

Man 4: So it’s a one-time trip?

Anthony Campo: Yep, for this round, yeah. I mean, they’ve been doing it about three times a year.

Man 5: If you can’t make it to the May 2nd start, can you still be involved?

Anthony Campo: Absolutely. So, if you all do sign up, what we want to do is we want to meet with you, kind of talk to you, and if there’s any opportunity, if you need to make up the prelims, we can schedule around that.

Man 6: So, is the idea here to develop new habits? Is that the kind of the philosophy?

Anthony Campo: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah it’s the seven daily habits are to…so that you’re practicing, you’re putting into practice what it’s going to take to create health, fitness, and spiritual success. Anybody else?

Man 7: So the emails you sent then has all information and the links, [inaudible 00:08:33]?

Anthony Campo: Yeah, I believe I put in there, I’ve already created a team for the Le Tip, and we could go from there with that. There should be a link in the email that’ll take you to the Le Tip of West Orange County, Whole Life Challenge registration where you’ll start seeing each other.

Man 8: Yeah, there’s a link on there for the rules, and how to play the game, and all that stuff.

Anthony Campo: Yeah.

Man 9: Yeah.

Man 10: So what are the prizes, I mean, I’m not trying to rush things. [inaudible 09:09]

Anthony Campo: There will be cash prizes, and it’s really based on how many people register.

I mean, and then any other donations. In the past, the first time we did it, we set the bar high. We got lucky and had Con Tiki donate a vacation for the first place winner. But it’s really on what whoever would like to participate and things like that.

Male 10: Okay.

Anthony Campo: Yep?

Woman: So what do you got for seniors?

Anthony Campo: No, I mean, honestly, it’s not just about the workout. The nutrition, the workout ten minutes a day could be a walk. The prelim workout could be a simple, “Hey, let’s just go see how far you could walk in ten minutes. Then, fifty-six days from there on the finals day, let’s see if you can walk a little farther.” You know what I mean? It could be that simple, because we just have to have a place to start, and that’s it.

Man 11: Or like a ten-minute mile.

Anthony Campo: Yeah. And it’s really, the only qualification is, you just have to will to go forward and participate.

Man: All right, cool. Thank you.

Anthony Campo: All right.