Auto Broker Fountain Valley – Mike Maxwell of California’s Best Auto Buyer

Auto Broker Orange County - Mike Maxwell

Auto Broker Orange County - Mike Maxwell

Mike Maxwell is our Auto Broker based serving Fountain Valley and all of Orange County, California. Mike has been dealing with the automotive industry in all aspects for 37 years. He knows cars and car buying inside and out.

Mike gave a “state of the industry” talk: the car business is in an odd spot. Japanese production is beginning to flow again but used car prices are still very high with certain cars retaining their value so well that buying new begins to look like a sensible option to many people. With the return of cars coming in from Japan the used car market will be changing in the next 3 – 4 month time frame. We will start to see deal on some of the lower priced models of Ford, Hyundai and Chevy.

Mike reminded us that he sells both new and used vehicles and can take your car in trade in. Mike wanted us to know that if you attempt to get a test drive done yourself at a dealership this can take half the day. He can set things up and get you in and out in a fraction of the time. Because he has a “fleet” deal he can get any car to test drive. Dealers are under pressure to sell and this is what makes the entire process of going to a dealership so unpleasant.

If you already know what you want then that is the easiest. If you don’t he can prepare a list of likely car choice options in your price range and feature set, ie. load carrying versus gas efficiency, etc. Leasing can be OK but you really need to know how many miles you drive each year. There are a ton of BMWs and Mercedes out there because of the lease business. He is also seeing Ford Fusions, Dodge Rams and Chevy HHRs.

Mike always get 2 – 3 price quotes from his top sources to ensure that he is getting the best possible price for you.

Just call Mike Maxwell at 714-925-3472 or email him at