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Auto Broker Orange County - Mike Maxwell

Auto Broker Orange County - Mike Maxwell

Mike Maxwell, our Auto Broker based in Huntington Beach but serving all of Orange County, Los Angeles County and Southern California, told us about the new Japanese car availability crisis owing to the recent tsunami in Japan. Apparently the worst of it has not yet hit. There were cars in the pipeline already but the lack of parts to complete additional cars is going to create a shortage of new cars for purchase. Getting a new Japanese car might just be harder than it ever has been. If you need expert help in locating the exact make, model, color and set of accessories you should really give Mike a call. He can locate cars out of town, even out of state through his vast network of connections. He also pointed out that other automobile manufacturers are capitalizing on this tragic situation by reeling in their incentive programs while the supply of cars is tight.

Mike can help you set up an appointment to test drive any make or model car and will accompany you down there to prevent any hard sell tactics. He works with a lower overhead than the dealers and passes the savings on to you.

Not only does Mike sell used cars but he can offer the same dealer programs and can sell any brand of car. If leasing is the right choice, and you should really look carefully to make sure it makes economic sense, he can do this for you. The average automobile lease is 3 years and it has strict mileage limits. This is where most people get tripped up.

Used car prices are skyrocketing, especially with fuel efficient models. The average 4 cylinder Toyota is up by $2,000.00! There are still good deals out there to be found so give him a call. He made a good point: the average new 4 door car is around $28,000.00, for that price you can get a low mileage Mercedes Benz that will run for 250,000 miles with the proper maintenance. A solid upgrade with a quality car like this is a good idea.

Mike pointed to local credit unions as an excellent source for affordable loans. Many local credit unions are offering 3.5% car loans.

Mike also attends used and repossessed car auctions. He can send you pictures of cars, you can set a maximum bid price, look at 5 – 6 different cars and bid on only the best. Mike doesn’t advise purchasing any car with over 50,000 miles on the odometer. Mr. Maxwell also touted Mike and Val Schepen’s of Mike’s Auto Repair in Huntington Beach Certified Car Checklist, something that he has them apply to every used car he purchases. When he’s got the car you want the entire transfer to you process will take only 30 minutes.

Mike actually got a testimonial from Val Schepen’s of Mike’s Auto Repair in Huntington Beach. She said that she had recommended Mike to a customer of hers who needed a new car. Not long after she received a phone call from the customer who had made a point of letting her know that he was very happy with Mike Maxwell’s auto broker services. Val said it was very rewarding to be able to refer her customers over to Mike with complete confidence that their auto buying needs will be taken care of professionally.

Mr. Maxwell closed out by saying he can help people anywhere recently having sold and shipped a car to a gentleman in New Zealand. Our own Worldwide Auto Broker!

Mike Maxwell
Cell: 714-925-3472