Auto Broker Orange County – Mike Maxwell of California’s Best Auto

Mike Maxwell was born in Oklahoma but has been a long time California resident and business owner, mostly in the automotive field. He’s been married for 32 years. He’s the president of his golf club.

Mike specializes in finding great deals on new and used cars for people that don’t have the time to hassle with the usual car dealership mumbo jumbo.  When you tell him what kind of car you want, the make, model, year, color and features he goes to his network of high-volume dealers to find you that exact  car.

Mike makes his money from the dealer’s advertising fund. He can save you thousands of dollars over  buying the exact same car from the dealer. This is the quickest, easiest way to purchase a new car. Mike knows cars and is at your side.

As far as buying cars at auction, Mike recommends never paying more than wholesale Blue Book for a car. Mike previews the cars before the auction. He prefers low mileage cars and only bids on cars that have a Grade 3 or higher ranking. He examines the condition of the interior and tires to see what kind of person the last owner was. If he buys a car at auction he tacks on a flat $400 to the price of the car.

Ideally you would give Mike a two week lead time in order to find a car for you. He recommends that you never purchase a car you’ve leased. The reason is that, a majority of the time, you’ve gone over the allowed miles and you owe more than the car is worth.

Mike can get you a test drive of a new car at a dealer and will be there with you the entire time to insure that it doesn’t turn in to a sales pitch.

Mike has access to lease returns, repos, dealer tradeins, most with less than 40,000 miles on them.

Credit unions are currently offering great rates for used cars. Mike advises that you get pre-approved before you start shopping.

Mike can sell your old car for you. He will do this at auction and insure that you get “severance of liability” on the vehicle.

He can offer leases through California’s Best Auto.