Auto Detailer in Orange County with Quinn Ruffin, Miracle Details

Quinn Ruffin - Auto Detailer

Quinn Ruffin – Auto Detailer

Quinn: I don’t know if I’m making Shakespeare proud or not, but we’re going to do our best. Sir Winston Churchill says that ‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal, but it’s the courage to carry on that counts.’ As far as we’re concerned at Miracle Detail, no matter what happens, come high or low, we’re going to always continue on.

Therefore, we are going to give you the best quality service that you can possibly handle. With that, I’d like to introduce Josiah. Speak up.

Josiah: My name’s Josiah Longhorn; I am one of the managers at Miracle Detail. I’d like to tell you that we have a summer special going on; it’s almost as special as you are, definitely not as special as me. What we normal charge for $175, we clean the outside of your car; we wash it, we clay bar it, and we also provide a sealer wax over it.

Clean and polish the rims and tires, completely detail the entire interior, clean the carpets, the seats… which is normally $175, is now $110. This sale is going on for the summer, so please take advantage.

Quinn: Val coined a phrase, ‘summerize your car’. That’s what we want you to do, summerize your car. It’s simple, because when it comes down to it, you only have one choice in life. You can either be the best or go home, simply. Somebody is waiting to take your seat.

I walk into an office, and one of my customers, he’s always trying to push forward. He has a consulting company come in; he had all these slogans on his wall. Out of all the slogans, brochures, and everything that I saw on his wall, I saw one thing that stood out.

It says ‘What have you done in the last 2 weeks to improve your business?’ If the answer to that question is ‘I don’t know’, your business is a failure, seriously. Because somebody is waiting to sit in that seat next to you, and eventually, they’re going to be sitting in your seat.

The question I have for you is; what are you going to do to make your business better? I propose that you improve your image. How can you do that? Miracle Detail is here to help you. Anywhere I go, anything I do, I’m always here to add value, not only to the circumstance that I’m in, but to the people around me. Some people don’t realize that they need their car cleaned. Do you realize that . . .

Business Growth Innovators Member: It’s clean. You cleaned it. It’s great.

Quinn: That means put you cell phone away, son. Some people don’t realize that. Whenever I go on a trip and I come home and my house is clean, I feel so much better. I can just kick my shoes off, I can kick back and relax and have clear thoughts. The same thing goes with your vehicle.

You got the 2 biggest investments in life are your home and your vehicle, so why would you devalue that by not giving it all the attention that it needs?

Business Growth Innovators Member: You’re not married.

Quinn: Excuse me?

Business Growth Innovators Member: You’re not married.

Quinn: Yeah, but if I were, cleanliness is part of the program. Sir Frances Darwin says that in science, ‘It’s not the person that comes up with an idea, but it’s the person that convinces the world of an idea that gets the credit.’ What are we convincing the word of? I’m convincing the world that it’s very important that we take care of our image.

Our image is so important to our business. Everyone in here is a business owner, and if we don’t have a good image, how can we sell anything? I believe personally, that we can add value to your image; we can add value to your business. How can we do that?

One, we can add a professional brochure to use, something similar to this. On the table in front of you, you have a brochure. There may be some information on there that you’re not familiar with. The most common bits of information that people are not familiar with are the EPA requirements.

If you open your tri-fold and go all the way to the back, you’ll notice at the very . . . under the title, ‘Why we are unique’. If you go to the bottom, you’ll find what’s called EPA-qualified. Is anyone in here familiar with the EPA? It’s somewhat of a new term, somewhat not. What that basically means, it’s an acronym for Environmental Protection Agency.

That means the city is going out and they’re asking everyone to reclaim their water. You can’t just put any kind of water in the drain, in your gutter going down through your sewage system. What we are is EPA- qualified, that means that we reclaim all of our water so that we meet all of the qualifications of the city.

Did you know that in some cities if you are not having that water reclaimed and you have a detailer come out, that you are susceptible to a fine of $1,500? If you have someone come out to your business and you own that lot, you are susceptible to a fine of $1,500. I have to tell you; if they ever come out and I’m doing your car, I’m going to point to you, “He owns it.”

What we do is provide a reclamation system; all of our vehicles are equipped with the reclamation system. We reclaim the water and make sure that it is disposed of properly. I’ll be honest with you, sometimes we can’t do that.

Some of the deals we offer, we are not able to do that. If anyone ever comes by and says, “We are ready for that,” generally, we’ll get a pass on it. You may say, “Quinn, that’s not good to hear,” and I’m saying, “Keep it very real.” If there’s a person in here who’s following every rule all the time, please raise your hand. All right. See? There we go.

What we provide . . .

Quinn: What we do is we really bring excellent service to it. The detail business has got a black eye because a lot of people have lost their job in this economic environment of the last 5 to 10 years. We suffered from it, but now that means a lot of those who had lost their jobs, been laid off, are going to Walmart, buying some soap and a rag and saying they’re a detailer.

This is not the case. We are certified, which means that we’ve gone to school for this, for detailing. Yeah, we went to school for it. We know how to polish them rims, we know how to clean your engine without making it stop, we know how to remove the scratches from your car in a quality way.

We know how to make sure that when we take a scratch off of your car that the next guy that comes behind us won’t try to do the same thing and it burns through the paint. We know how to do oxidation removal. We know how to do all of these things. We can answer questions about your car and the cosmetic aspect of your car, in ways that others can’t.

We use some of the world’s-finest products. Most detailers don’t even know the products that we use. Why? Because they don’t research the products and they don’t care about the customer. I care. Personally, all I want to is Mercedes, Mazaratis, Lamborghinis and Rolls Royces.

Business Growth Innovators Member: You’re in the wrong area.

Quinn: No. I’m not. You too, one day, will have one in your garage. The bottom line is we don’t all own cars like that. We have commuter cars, but we deserve to have what we have be the best. What am I going to do? I’m going to try to make it look the best at all times. I’ve taken the time to learn the products that last on your vehicle.

All of the water that we use, reverse osmosis; the best-quality of water you can have. You can drink reverse osmosis water. Please, consider this fact that when you wash your car with the water hose, you’re putting contaminants and sediments on your vehicle that deteriorate your paint over time.

The fact that we live in a beach area; it devalues the paint on your car because of the sand and the grit that’s in the air.
What it all boils down to is this: We also provide community service. I think that if you’re going to be with a business, you should be with a business that adds value to the community.

Miracle Detail gives 10% of its funds to a nonprofit. We also serve the homeless once every other month now, in Santa Ana. We’ll be doing it on June 15th, if anybody wants to get involved. Simply put, I’m very proud, happy and glad to be here. I’m thankful that everyone is . . . those of you who have tried my service, I thank you, and those of you that will try my service, thank you. Any questions?

Business Growth Innovators Member: You guys do windshield repair?

Quinn: No, no, but we refer. Sometimes we don’t do a lot of referrals, because again, everybody’s coming in and out of the business. I don’t want to refer somebody and you thinking bad about me. That’s not going to work. I usually only referrals who I know, I’ve seen in the area a lot, and we can refer someone, yes. Yes, sir?

Business Growth Innovators Member: What is a clay bar?

Quinn: A clay bar is what’s . . . it does; it’s like Play-Doh. If everybody remembers, it’s like Play-Doh. What it does is it removes contamination from your car. The simple test for it would be after you wash it, you want to get the overriding soot off your vehicle, but when you get the soot off and you rub your car and it feels somewhat coarse, that’s called contamination.

What a clay bar does is remove that contamination and extracts the contamination from your paint. Your paint is like your skin, it has pores; it breathes. If you allow things to get in it and you don’t extract it, then it starts to contaminate your paint and deteriorate your paint.

A clay bar removes that contamination; also what it does is provide environmental fallout protection, meaning bird doo, tree sap, bad water. Even if you go through . . . some people ride through paint and they get that paint on the vehicle and the tar, it makes it easier for all of that to come off.

It provides the contamination removal process and environmental fallout protection.
With that being said, I want to thank you again.

Business Growth Innovators Member: How far in advance do we need to call to get our vehicle . . . and we want it done [inaudible: 10:10]?

Quinn: As soon as I pull up this iPad, you get the first available space. For you, I’ll go to you right now. What time would you like us there? Anyway, thank you very much.

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