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Val & Mike Schepens - Mike's Auto Repair, serving Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach & Irvine

Val & Mike Schepens - Mike's Auto Repair, serving Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach & Irvine

Established in 1994 – 17 years servicing the local Orange County area. Our shop is in Huntington Beach but we repair cars from Fountain Valley, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and all over Orange County, California.

Do something a little different this time….. I am showing pictures of actual repairs that are being done to illustrate how cars today aren’t as simple as they were previous to 1990.

  • As you will see these major repairs are like taking a part and putting back together again a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Today’s technician just can’t be mechanically inclined.

  • He has to be savvy in computer diagnostics, electronics and able to take credential tests.
  • He has to be willing to continue his education with automotive seminars and training

Your vehicle is an investment – And lives are at stake every time you get behind the wheel of your car. 2009 Statistics from the NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFETY states 93 motorist die each day

  • Motorist behavior #1 factor with combination of mechanical failure on top of the list brakes and front suspension parts failing and tires.

So why would you want to take your car anywhere other than a AAA approved and ASE Master Technician certified ranking repair shop?

  • People think car repair should be cheap – and the old saying holds true if it is too good to be true… It probably is too good to be true.
  • Unfortunately with today’s cars so sophisticated and engine components so compact – parts and labor are not cheap
  • But again it is not expensive – if you routinely take care of your car with regularly schedule maintenance, be proactive before something brakes your car will take care of you.

Competition just in our location is massive and there are a lot of excellent shops just in our 3 mile radius.

A member asked if I comparison shop and we do with shops that are comparable to our quality and standards:

  • AAA approved
  • ASE Certified Technicians – our shop has two Master Technicians
  • Technicians continuing their education
  • Garage Keepers Insurance – Even the best shop in town can have part or technician failure – with insurance you are protected
  • Carry Worker’s Comp Insurance
  • Equipment updated – Updated software
  • Subscription to address all technical service bulletins

Our shop includes all that I mentioned, but in addition:

  • We are a Napa Peace of Mind and AC Delco Consumer Assurance Programs – Any repairs we do you are covered anywhere in the USA
  • Our goal is to fix your car right
  • We stand behind our work 12 months, 12K
  • Mike and I personally follow up with each repair or scheduled maintenance service.
  • Provide shuttle service with needed and/or pickup and delivery
  • Every oil change includes a full inspection, tire rotation, battery test, measure the brakes and a very good value for the money.
  • If we find any additional work – we prioritize it to work within your budget. If it is dangerous – we let you know.
  • We can work on your new car and won’t void your new car warranty.
  • We are available for emergencies – my cell phone is on every finished work order and on our answer phone.

Honda Window Motor – Example of a good customer trying to save money…

Our goal is to repair the car right the first time.  In most cases we find that the best way to do the repair correctly is to take the time in diagnosing the problem and installing parts that are either original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or utilize an aftermarket part supplier that will stand behind their parts in case of part failure.  We appreciate when a customer shops around and compares prices – but beware – if it sounds too good to be true it usually is too good to be true!  Importantly,  if you are shopping around after your technician gave you a price – make sure you are comparing apples to apples not apples and oranges. Remember the technician has the car and he sees exactly what is going on and what exactly your car needs.

For example – our long time customer Rachael M.’s Honda window motor went out.  After we gave her the price on the parts and labor the job was approximately $400.  Not in her budget, she called and got a price $100cheaper at another repair shop.  After she had the window motor replaced at the other repair shop, she came back to us to see what we could do to fix the other repair shop’s work.  It seemed the window motor was not working appropriately and now the weather stripping around the window tore from the window not correctly installed in the track.  We also found out that the window motor was used and not new. She shared with us that the other shop would not stand behind their work that if she wanted the window weather stripping repaired it was going to be her responsibility at an additional $158.

Now the window repair was going to cost her substantially more than the original estimate we gave her.   Our recommendation to Rachael was to go back to the shop and have them install the new weather stripping.  Unfortunately, for us to do the job right, we would have to start from scratch and now include weather stripping in the estimate.  She appreciated our suggestion and thanked us for looking at the other repair shops workmanship, but shared with us she realized that it would have been better to have it done right the first time – it would have saved her valuable time and money.

Here in CA everyone drives a car – we know what is on the road – It is scary. It seems everyone budgets for their hair, new clothes or out to dinner – Auto repair is always at the bottom of the list when it should be a priority.

As we get older things just don’t work like they use to same with your car. It is a machine that is constantly running and parts wear and fluids become contaminate. By taking care of your car you are taking care of you and your passengers.

We are located in Huntington Beach on Metzler Lane – cross streets Gothard and Talbert.

Open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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Fax: 714-375-3160
17662 Metzler Lane #A
Huntington Beach, CA 92647