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Val & Mike Schepens - Mike's Auto Huntington Beach

Val & Mike Schepens - Mike's Auto Huntington Beach

Mike Schepens is a runner, a biker, a swimmer and much, much more. He’s an expert in auto repair and loves helping people keep their cars safe and running well all at competitive prices.

Mike got his training the old fashioned way by starting out in a gas station back when they had attendants that answered the bell when a car drove in. By showing initiative he quickly moved his way up, the older attendants began showing him how to do oil changes, tune ups and repairs. From the gas station he moved to the garage at General Electric working on their fleet of truck, vans and cars. This gave him a great range of experience.

Mike and Val Schepens have been working together for 13 years now, taking all of the changes in technology as they come. With today’s modern computer-driven motors there is a lot to know. Having the right diagnostic tools and knowing how to use them is essential.

Mike says that he knows when business is good because their so busy it feels like a “chinese fire drill”. He says that they remind people to change their oil at 3,000 miles because they probably won’t come in until 6,000 miles anyway.

Mike says that car repair is kind of like an operating room: success is dependent upon the correct diagnosis, having the tools and experience to perform a cure is essential to a happy outcome.

If you need a reliable mechanic based in Huntington Beach but serving all of Orange County give Mike and Val Schepens of Mike’s Auto Huntington Beach a call.