Ballard & Ballard Mentioned in the Fountain Valley Patch!

Glenn Ballard of Ballard & Ballard Jewelers, your Orange County Jeweler

Ballard & Ballard Jewelers are in the news again! Glenn Ballard was recently quoted in an article about last minute Christmas gifts in the Fountain Valley Patch. Here is what he said:

It’s hard to think of holiday gifts without considering your jewelry options.

“The classics remain popular,” said Glenn Ballard, owner of Ballard & Ballard Jewelers. “Diamond stud earrings, pendants and rings continue to be the number one choice in holiday gifts.”

For women, this year’s big trend is Pandora jewelry. These are beaded bracelets that you add beads to one by one. There are hundreds of colors, materials and styles of beads, making each bracelet a very personal statement. They are also an affordable and stylish option in times when the price of gold is so high.

For men, watches remain a popular choice and the trend is for black faces and bands.

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