Beautiful Jewelry and Awesome Equipment Leasing

At today’s regular meeting, we had two table toppers: Jim Duncan of AIM Mail Center and Dr. Mark Yamamoto, DDS. Jim talked about the 11th Annual “Working Scholars” award program to recognize young people who are not only excellent students but hold down a job while in school. Dr. Mark (who has over 4,000 hours of continuing education) talked about lecturing other dentists about the importance of preventative dentistry.

We also had 3 guests and hope that they will join the group soon! Thanks to Summer of EC Salon, Frank of Sign-a-Rama, and Ron of Health Plans 4 Less for bringing in the fresh faces.

Martie Lucie of Westover Financial was the first Presenter of the morning. Martie provides equipment financing and leasing for businesses. He talked about the benefits of using a broker over dealing direct with lenders. For one thing, Westover deals with over 40 direct lenders, so they are able to shop for you, and also match your needs with a lender that may have tendencies or preferences for specific types of deals. Westover can also work out special payment schedules if your business is very seasonal. Leasing is also a benefit for most businesses when it comes to taxes, since leases are not on the balance sheet. Give Martie a call if you have any more questions! 800-982-5868 x114

Glenn Ballard of Ballard & Ballard Jewelers was the second Presenter of the morning. He brought along several sparkling pieces of jewelry, gemstones, and a Ballard watch. Ballard & Ballard is a full-service, family-owned jeweler located in Fountain Valley. Unforunately you cannot use Westover Financial to lease jewelry, but Ballard does provide financing for your special gift. Oh, they will also buy your old gold, so give them a ring today! 714-962-0088.

Remember, come by and visit Business Growth Innovators today to learn how to increase your own business, make friends, and of course, have a free breakfast!