Bruce Beinlich – Beinlich Construction – General Contractors serving Orange County

Bruce Beinlich of Beinlich Construction is a General Contractor serving Orange County, CA. His is part of a family tradition of General Contractors the business was started by his father and he partners with his brother.

Bruce told us about the popularity of kitchen remodeling projects many of which involve granite counter tops and kitchen islands that are custom cut to fit from large granite slabs. He also told us that new pre-fab slabs following popular kitchen and sink layouts can be cut and installed for amazingly affordable prices. He said that granite counter tops have become so affordable that they are nearly as cheap as formica counter tops. He also does composite counter tops.

He is currently involved in building a dual room addition for a litigation attorney. He reminded us that he is a “design and build” contractor so with him you can be assured that the quote and drawings you received in the beginning will be what you get when the project is done. Many times he has encountered drawings that can’t be built without additional expense because the architect didn’t know what was actually necessary to accomplish his “vision” for a custom home or room addition.

Bruce is interested in meeting with anyone who needs to remodel their existing home or bathroom, people who need more space because they are expecting a child or because an in-law is moving in. He would like to meet and talk to these people in the design phase so that he can be involved in creating the architectural drawings, drawings that he guarantees can be built on time and on budget. He can do this because his designer is also an engineer who understands what it takes to complete these projects. Bruce does free estimates for his clients.

Bruce even builds fences if they are part of a larger home remodeling project. He is currently bidding on a patio cover as part of a larger home remodeling project.

Bruce said never to use an unlicensed contractor: besides not having legal recourse if a job is done unsatisfactorily code enforcement inspectors actually drive around, looking for construction sites so that they can catch and fine unlicensed contractors.

On a final note, yes indeed, Bruce does windows! (replacement windows, that is…)