Buddhist Funeral Director Orange County – Kathy DiPeri of Harbor Lawn Mortuary

Funeral Director Orange County

Funeral Director Orange County - Kathy DiPeri - Harbor Lawn & Mount Olive

Kathy DiPeri is our expert Funeral Director based in Costa Mesa but serving all of Orange County, California. Kathy works at the Harbor Lawn – Mount Olive Cemetery, Mortuary and Crematory off of Gisler in Costa Mesa, California.

In addition to the usual work that she does she has been doing Buddhist funeral serving the Laotion community of Westminster and Fountain Valley, Orange County, California. Laotion Buddhist funerals can be quite large and have their own customs and rites.

Kathy can arrange a tour of the facility, they are happy to have people come and visit. Kathy will answer any questions that people may have. The crematorium at Harbor Lawn has a viewing room for the family of the departed.

Harbor Lawn is one of the few local cemeteries that allows monuments on grave sites. It is a combination facility but no one is required to use any one part. You can choose, for instance, to use the crematorium but not the cemetery.

1625 Gisler Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA. 92626
Tel. 714.540.5554
Fax 714.540.3628