Business Attorney Orange County – Mark D. Holmes, Newport Beach

Business Attorney Mark D. Holmes - based in Newport Beach but serving all of Orange County & Los Angeles

Business Attorney Mark D. Holmes - based in Newport Beach but serving all of Orange County & Los Angeles

Mark D. Holmes is our business attorney. While he is based in Newport Beach, California he happily serves all of Orange County and Los Angeles. Originally from Rockford, Illinois ( the nut an bolt capitol of the world! ) his family moved Buzzard Bay, Massachusetts and then to California when he was 10.

His best marathon time was 2:48 but his running career was cut short by injury so he got in to theater at California State University Sacramento. Here his major changed to English Literature. He also studied Greek, Latin and Olde English, earned a fellowship to teach in Mainz, Germany at the Goethe Institute. Here is where he developed his love of soccer now calling himself a “soccer freak”! While in Europe he took a job managing an electronics store for the U.S. Armed Forces and rose quickly in the organization. He went on to get an MBA at Boston University.

Mark has been practicing Corporate, Business and Maritime Law for over 20 years now. His extensive business management experience and education help him to “think like a businessman”, unlike most attorneys.

Mark is interested in cultivating long term relationships with business people and to that end he has a complete regimen of Employment Law document and procedures designed to keep companies OUT of court and focused on the business of making money.

The bulk of Mark’s income is from litigation. Let him help you save money by getting you Incorporated, getting proper Employee Practices Liablities regimen and Business Contracts in place so that people do NOT sue you and your company.

Mark told us that the companies that he considers to be at the biggest risk right now are the tradesman: painters, general contractors, plumbers, etc. who may be facing charges of violating the Home Improvement Act. All tradesman should talk to Mark about the proper way in which to prevent these sort of issues.

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