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I do custom carpet and upholstery cleaning, but I also do some other things, tile and grout cleaning, got certified in that last year, wood floor cleaning, we have a wood cleaning machine that cleans wood, a lot of people don’t have that system, it’s a new system that’s out, it actually scrubs the floor and sucks at the same time, so it doesn’t leave any puddles, most people leave water on the floor for about 5-10 minutes and you don’t want that, so the new machine I have now doesn’t allow that, it scrubs the floor and sucks at the same time, so after it makes its path it’s pretty dry. That’s one of the new things I’m doing this year is hard wood floor cleaning.

I also do tile grout, stone cleaning, I got certified last year in that. It’s a three-phase process where we scrub the grout by hand, steam it, then clean it, so its three phases, it’s a system that works really well, it’s fantastic, I really like the results of that, so of course we do stone and tile cleaning. And then of course we do carpet, carpet and upholstery, and there’s different kinds of carpet, people need to know that, when you’re buying carpet, get the better carpet, 100% nylon.

Does anyone out there have carpet that when you walk on it, it leaves a track and doesn’t come back up, it has swirls in it? A lot of customers I have have that carpet, it’s called olefin, if you buy olefin, it’s not a cut loop, if it’s a cut loop it tends to bend down and doesn’t have any memory, so it doesn’t pop up and it looks dirty, it’s not really dirty, it just lays down and the grain is going an opposite way. So there’s a lot to know about carpet and upholstery.

We do silk and wool, I’m a technician in the field, not just a carpet cleaner, but a technician, so I went to school to learn different fabrics and different chemicals, different systems to clean, and that’s why I chose a truck-mount system because it’s the most powerful system out there and that’s why I have it, recently my machine got stolen with my van, the reason being, it’s a great system and it’s worth money, people can sell that. You don’t hear about these little portables getting stolen so much, but someone stole my van, took it off the lot, stripped it down, and who knows where it’s at, but thanks to Eric here, I have great insurance, I was all stressed out at first, but they came out and got me a new machine and a van, so thanks to Eric for that. (clapping)

Back to the truck mount machine, there’s a lot of truck mounts out there, the reason it took me so long to get the one I wanted, there’s 20 horsepower motors, 30 horsepower motors, but the one I use is 45-50 horsepower truck mount. It’s the one I want because the difference in truck mounts is the vacuum power. Whenever you emulsify the dirt in so much carpet, it’s got to come out and the water’s got to come out too, so the more vacuum it has, the better it is. Also the heat factor. The more heat you have the fewer chemicals you have to use, the less chemicals you use, the less residue is left behind. So the truck mount goes up to 225 degrees and it heats the fiber. When you look at the fiber, it has dye sites in it where the pigment comes in, but the dirt gets inside those dye sites, so you’ve got to heat that fiber up to expand the dye site to let the soil come out better. When you don’t have heat, you’re stripping it with chemicals and stuff. A lot of people have those portables, they go off and spray precondition on your carpet that strips your carpet and doesn’t do it naturally and it leaves a residue that can sometimes get inside your dye sites, so the proper way to clean your carpet is with the proper heat, proper vacuum, and proper amount of chemical or solution. A lot of people got out to your home and overspray your carpet with pre-conditioner and can’t rinse it completely out, which stains your carpet, and you start walking on it and it attracts dirt. You’ve got to have someone who knows what they’re doing, someone who knows what your fiber is, the kind of chemical best for that fiber, and the right kind of cleaning equipment, and that’s who I am.

I’ve done this for over 30 years and I stay updated on chemicals and my machine, and make sure it works correctly and that’s what I do. It’s my passion to get out there and clean the carpet, I guess I was made for that for some reason. So that’s what I do.

Carpet, upholstery, stone, tile, we do carpet repair work, carpet dye work, water damage, we pretty much do it all. Everything that I do I try to learn the best way, get updated, go to school for it, take classes, so I can do the best I can for you. I’m with Pat’s Custom Carpet Care, are there any questions?

I’ve heard advertised zero-res, I’m hearing that more and more.

Zero-res? It’s impossible to have zero res so it’s probably just a name. Anything you clean with, even if you rinse it out in your washer, there’s residue in it. Anything you clean needs to be emulsified with something, if it’s just water, it’s not good enough. You use soft water, I use soft water in my machine, so it uses less chemical, but not zero. I was going to call them up and ask them about that. If you soak something long enough, that will clean it, but it will overwet your carpet too, so you gotta look into that. A lot of things like dry cleaning or chem dry, it’s not dry, that’s just a name. It’s not very wet, but it is wet, so you have to look into what they’re doing.

I just wanted to say, I had you do my wood floors, and with wood floors, you don’t realize how dirty they can get. And this new machine, I was very impressed. I couldn’t believe how the floors looked, it was very nice.

Yeah, It’s called a Dirt Dragon. You can go online and see the difference, so it scrubs and vacuums the solution up. The old way of doing it was to mop the floor a little bit and use a scrubber with a pad on it and it left the wood kind of wet. And these new floors out there, they have distressed stuff you can’t get inside, but the machine does, so it’s a really good machine for wood floors. So that’s what I do, is get the best equipment for the job and the best training I can get. When I do water damage stuff, I have thermal imaging cameras so I can see where the water is before I start tearing your house apart. I have a moisture meter that detects the moisture behind walls, so I’ve got the best equipment out there.

You say you do carpet repair, so what about I’ve got those carpets down for a couple of years and they start to get loose, can you repair that?

Yes, I do power stretching. What happens when people install carpets, they want to get it done quick, so they use a knee kicker, and by the end of the day they’re tired, so they’re not kicking it very tight. Power stretching uses a mechanical device, and that’s the best way to do it, it goes from one wall and pulls to another and power stretches the carpet mechanically, so that’s what I do for a lot of people is come into their homes and you see where the carpet’s been rippled and we power stretch it.

 Just a shout out, you came to our house last week, and we just got new wood floors downstairs so to protect them, you came in through one of the upstairs windows and my wife thought that was really groovy. You did an awesome job.

Pat: Thank you, Mark. Anything else? The main thing to do is protect the home from damage, so we try to do that, we use towels, bungee cords, and these corner protectors. A lot of people are like, ‘what are those?’ Well, they’re corner protectors, and they say, ‘Really? The last people I used didn’t have that.’ So that’s what we do, we try to protect your home as well. So thank you very much!



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