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Pat: I just want to thank one person here, Sally; she did a really good job. Look at your little tip pamphlet here. Sally did that and it’s really good. Thank you, Sally. I really describes my business. One of the things that’s on the pamphlet in the back, it describes a new chemical that we’re using now. We should’ve came out with this chemical years ago because we’ve had it for years.

In the past, a lot of people in the carpet cleaning industry used to use butyl, and that’s a simple green chemical. What that does . . . it’s a high pH chemical. What it does, it breaks down grease and oils and stuff. What it does as it does that, it strips the carpet, strips it out; strips the luster from it. What it also does, it leaves a heavy residue. That was back in the day. Whenever someone would come to your house and go, “Look. You need to use preconditioning to clean your carpet”; over 30 years, and it was a butyl product. What that it’s a heavy stripper.

Recently, they’ve developed a new chemical and it’s a peroxide- base. What that chemical doesn’t do like the old chemicals used to do, is would leave a heavy film behind. Peroxide doesn’t. What that does, it goes on the carpet, it cleans it, and then it dissipates because it’s oxygen. Before you used to have that butyl, which what would happen, it would leave a residue behind. What was happening back in the past when people would come by and clean your carpet, it would re-attract dirt. That’s what people would go, “I had my carpets cleaned a week ago, now the spots come back.”

A lot of times what happens with the old chemicals is that what it would do is leave a film. When you walked on the carpet, it would actually take the dirt off your feet, so it attract dirt. That’s why a lot of time spots won’t come back, but it happened, it was just re-attracting dirt.

Now with this new chemical, it’s a peroxide-base chemical; it doesn’t leave any residue, hardly. What it does, it brightens and it sanitizes naturally. That’s one of the biggest things that we’re using now. A lot of companies are not using that because of the price. It’s one of the greater things that we’re using right now as our chemical. What we do, is always keep up- to-date on the chemicals that we use.

The second thing that’s really good about what I do is we use a truck-mount system. A truck-mount system runs on horsepower, it runs on a car motor. You get a lot more power out of a car motor than you would anything that plugs in the wall. There’s a lot of people out there, when they have portables, they come to your home, they plug this machine in the wall. The only power to get is out of that wall socket and they don’t have to power to extract the moisture or the soil that’s being emulsified in your carpet.

That’s one of the better things about Pat’s Custom Carpet Care, is that we use high-powered truck mounts. There’s a lot of people out there using truck mounts that have a 16 horsepower motor, 18 horsepower motor. That’s not able to pull the vacuum or run a blower that I have. A blower is what has the vacuum that pulls the soil out of your carpet. The blowers that I use are 5.6; it’s a huge blower compared to a lot of blowers, like 4″ blowers, 4 1/2 .

Another thing that we do is that we use high-powered machines able to pull out the soil and the dirt out of your carpet so it dries a lot faster. That’s one of the thing that I like to do. I like a lot of horsepower; I race jet skis and I got a lot of horsepower in my jet ski. Actually, my jet ski has more horsepower than my truck mounts, but that’s a different issue.

Business Growth Innovators Member: What a surprise.

Pat: It’s funny because they both have blowers on them and they both use a lot of horsepower, so that goes hand in hand. That’s why they got . . . I call it Pat’s Custom Carpet Care because I tweak my machines, my carpet cleaning machines. I got to get all the horsepower out of those things.

What I do is I really look into my machines when I get them from the factory. I modify them. There’s certain ways to do that. One of the ways I do is I open up the vacuum in my machines and I adjust. When I come to your home, I’ll look at your carpet and see what it needs. Some carpets, you have to turn it down some, open the vacuum up. You don’t want to pull on them too hard because they’re a little bit fragile, but other carpets can take more vacuum.

With the truck mount-machine and a person that knows how to run one, you can adjust your machine. That’s one of the things that I do, too. I adjust the machine to what it needs to do for you. A lot of people out there, they send a crew out there, like Stanley Steamer or something like that. Their machine’s one adjustment and that’s it. You could be running 400, 500 feet, and they don’t adjust the vacuum to have more vacuum; they keep it at something that’s aimed at 200 feet. Most homes are 200 feet inside your home, the hose length, so they adjust that machine for that amount of vacuum. What I do, we come out to your house, and it’s 400 feet; we adjust the vacuum, we adjust the pressure to what it needs to have.

That’s another thing about having Pat’s Custom Carpet out there; we know our machines. We know how to adjust them and that’s very important. A lot of people, they’ll come to me and go, “The last person that cleaned my carpet, it was wet for 4 to 8 hours,” and some the next day. Sometimes what that is, is because it’s a portable unit or they’re not adjusting their equipment correctly. That’s what we do.

A list of thing that I do too are on the back, right here. Sally did a really good job. We do have some new equipment, one of them is called a rotovac. What that does, instead of the conventional wand, on a very heavily-soiled carpet, what we do is we break out the rotovac. It’s more of a restoration type clean. What it does is it cleans and sucks and the same time, and it rotates 360 rotations per minute. The vacuum never leaves the carpet so it’s always vacuuming.

On a wand, which is OK too; what you’re doing is you go back and forth, and every now and then, you lift that wand up so the vacuum goes up and down so it’s not totally consistent. If you know how to work the wand the right way, you can do it, but the thing is you can’t outdo this rotovac that’s going 360 rotations as it’s cleaning and vacuuming at the same time.

I brought the previous, before. One day I’ll bring it out here and have a demonstration. I haven’t found the time yet to do that, but I will bring it out. That rotovac is one of the best things out there right now, along with that new chemical that I use, the peroxide chemical. It does . . . I’m excited about it. I’m just overwhelmed at how great it does. I couldn’t believe the difference. Somebody says, “Use this new chemical. Try this rotovac.” I used it and my jaw dropped. I’ve been doing this for over 30 years, and when those 2 things came out, I just came alive in a sense again because it cleans so well.

Also with the rotovac, it dries 30%t faster, because again, it’s going around like this and it’s vacuuming; it’s spinning like that as it cleans and it’s vacuuming the whole time so it dries faster, brings the nap up better. It’s just an outstanding machine. What I usually use that for is somebody that has a really soiled carpet. I call it restoration cleaning because it brings the carpet back to life. The wand, if you have a slightly soiled carpet or a medium-soiled carpet, the wand is fine.

We have the equipment to get those really hard soiled carpets clean. That’s what we do here. On top of that, I also have a wood floor cleaning system that most people don’t have. It’s exclusively made for wood floor. What it does, it buffs, cleans, and it vacuums the wood floor. What it does is it doesn’t allow the wood to get over- wet. If you get wood too wet, what happens, it expands the grain in the wood. This machine is made to deep clean and not . . . go ahead.

Business Growth Innovators Member: She’s showing pictures of you working on her furniture. Do you want to . . .

Pat: We do upholstery, too. That’s a great picture . . .

Business Growth Innovators Member: They do a great job on my couch.

Pat: That’s a great picture there. We went over and did her upholstery. Also, we do the wood floor, we do upholstery. We also do deodorizing. Say you have a smell in your home or something like that; we can use ozone. What ozone does, it dissipates the smell in the walls, the floors, and in the carpets; water damage in Oriental rugs. There’s a variety of things that we do and we do it well. Again, Sally did a great job. There’s a list right here of the new things I do. Anyways, any questions? Quinn, was that a yawn?

Business Growth Innovators Member: Yeah. Sorry about that. I already know you do great work.

Pat: Any questions?

Business Growth Innovators Member: We just get tired of watching how hard you work.

Pat: Also, it also keeps you in shape.

Business Growth Innovators Member: How many horsepower?

Pat: The machines, they have a . . . it’s actually a forklift motor that’s running the machines. It’s got 45 horsepower, but it has a lot of torque. The main thing is that it’s able to pull the vacuum. Yes?

Business Growth Innovators Member: When you do that upholstery, are you using your truck?

Pat: That’s a truck-mount system. What it does on upholstery . . . a portable, what it does, it has hot water out of your sink. It could be 80, it could be 100 degrees. A truck-mount’s at 220 degrees. What that does is it sanitizes as it cleans. That heat is sanitizing it and it’s vacuuming it. There’s a huge difference between any type of portable machine and a truck- mount. Thank you.


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