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Pat: Ron asked me, “How long have you been in business?” I said, “32 years.” And he goes, “32 years?” And I go, “Yeah.” And he goes, “Well, your parents must have gotten arrested for child labor,” because I was six years old when I got started. But anyways, yes, I do carpet, upholstery, I also do wood floors. We do tile, grout, we also do ozone treatment if you have any odors.

A friend of mine had a rat die in his wall, and so we had to extract that rat and then do an ozone treatment to take the smell out of the place. So we do that too, in cars, things of that nature. We can take out cigarette smoke and what have you. At one point I had this [Teston Lexus] call us up. The person was driving her Mercedes car and she had a gallon of diesel fuel in the back seat, so she was going home with that. I don’t know why she had it in there, but she stopped really quick and it spilled over and went all over her car.

And her car was, I think it was like some kind of Bentley or something like that. It was a $250,000 car. So they took the seats out, we cleaned the body, and wiped it down, and did an ozone treatment and we took care of that. And then a couple of weeks later they had a Ferrari that was in a car wreck. It was a racing Ferrari, and it caught on fire, so we took everything that was burnt out of it, we wiped down the wires and stuff like that, did an ozone treatment and fixed that.

So ozone is the new thing for taking out odors and things of that nature, so we do that. We do tile and grout cleaning, with the truck mount system that we have. We have a four cylinder Nissan motor in there. Most systems don’t have that kind of power. So we’re able to clean tile and grout better than most people. We do a three step process where we first spray our chemical down, let it set for ten minutes.

We scrub it in, and then we steam it out. And the main thing about that is that that the vacuum in the machine, as it steams, it’s sucking. So what happens, everything that’s stuck in that grout, it’s pulling it out from the pores in the tile and grout. So a lot of people they clean tile and they just mop it afterwords. With the truck mount, we’re able to actually extract that with vacuum. So we do a lot more things than just carpet these days. We also do water damage, and you guys know that too. I’m really good at finding leaks and things of that nature with our thermal imaging camera we have.

So we can look in someones home without… One of the complaints I get is, “I had the plumber come over and stuff. He was looking for a leak in the wall,” he goes, “See all the holes in my wall? They were trying to find the leak.”
So with me, just give us a call and I’ll come out there with our imaging camera. We’ll look at the walls, the ceiling and we can find your links. A lot of plumbing companies will call me so we can find the leak for them, so it’s a lot easier than putting holes in your wall. I’ve been doing it for 32 years, and every year I try to get better and better.

Now we’re using a different chemical for carpet, which is a lot better than before. We used to use a butyl base chemical, and what that did before, back in the day, it would take stains out, greasy stains out, but it would leave like a residue. And that’s why people always ask, “Why is there a bigger stain afterwards?” It’s because butyl used to attract dirt.

Now we have a peroxide chemical, so it dissipates completely. It cleans better and brightens. The industry has changed now, and we went to that last year. The carpets are coming out brighter and cleaner and it’s more sanitary. So every year we keep go going further and further, we keep getting better and better, and now I have two truck mounts.

Finally I got my other truck mount going. I rebuilt it completely. I got a bigger blower in there, just like my jet ski. Everything I do I have to tweak it somehow. Speaking about that, I am doing one more race, it’s coming up on the 22nd. It’s a 300 mile race, team race in Lake Havasu. And my back and legs are better now. I’ve been using an inversion table, so I’m good to go. I’m good to clean carpet. I’m good to race, so give us a call, we can get it done for you. Any questions? Yes.

Audience: What is this ozone? Does it have to do with the O-Zone?

Pat: Yes, the ozone…

Audience: What is that, is that actually that you’re putting in? Is it a technique?

Pat: The ozone, a lot of have… There’s some sprays out there, they don’t work as good. What we have is an actual machine. And what it does is it changes the molecular structure of whatever is causing the odor and it breaks it down to the point where it’s not there anymore. So it doesn’t mask it or anything like that. It changes the structure of it, and it breaks is down so it doesn’t smell anymore. So it’s totally different than any type of spray or cover up. It actually takes it out, completely destroys it.

The other day I was doing this ladies home. She had a mold smell in her home, and we found out where that was. We had to take some of the walls out and stuff like that, clean it down. There’s still an odor in the room, because what happened, it was there for like a couple of years, so it actually got inside of the paint in the walls and stuff. So after we cleaned it all up we, used ozone and it took care of the problem. So ozone is a really good way of taking care of it.

Audience: So does it just stay in the carpet or do you have to do the walls?

Pat: What you do is usually wipe down the area clean as much as you can and then you put the ozone machine out and it takes care of everything that’s left over. So any other questions? Yes.

Audience: So how do you generate the ozone?

Pat: It’s a machine that actually generates it, so I don’t do it myself. I just plug in a machine and it does it. All right, thank you very much.

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